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Hunter '100%' certain he's helping 'survival of the species' after successful killing of endangered black rhino

A Namibian black rhinoceros is dead after a days-long hunt by an American man whose $350,000 bid to kill the endangered animal set off an international controversy. 789 more words


Nigerian military condemns CNN's interview with Nigerian soldiers

The cable news network (CNN) aired an interview a few hours ago with people they claim are Nigerian soldiers who told them that Nigerian soldiers are buying their own kit to fight Boko Haram and when they get injured in the line of duty, they cater for their own medical bills. 14 more words

Employee Morale at CNN Collapses

Warner Todd Huston reports: On Monday, Politico reported that last Friday, when hundreds of CNN employees lost their jobs, “people were crying all over the bureau” for departing co-workers. 266 more words


Light Worker 29501 reblogged this on Starship Earth: The Big Picture and commented:

Have we finally reached the turning point? Is centrally-controlled mainstream media starting to collapse? “Things have been horrible inside the Washington bureau. On Friday, which was everyone’s last day, people were crying all over the bureau, but managers hid in offices and didn’t go to any of the goodbye office parties.”

Anderson Cooper scolds Sun News journalist for wanting to take photo during Ottawa shooting coverage

A Sun News Network producer apologized Thursday for wanting to take photos with Anderson Cooper during the CNN host’s coverage of the Ottawa shooting Wednesday after being publicly shamed for his “rude” and “inappropriate” behaviour. 254 more words


CNN hosts struggle to understand why it's wrong to view all Muslims with suspicion

Religious scholar Reza Aslan is a very patient man, willing to walk even the slowest cable news hosts through the very tricky concept of not treating 1.5 billion people as violent barbarians. 437 more words