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Broken Cable

Broken Cable

In the middle of the bright Atlantic
Floating on the swell between island volcanoes
Beneath reflective surface tension
Silvered gas bubbles catch the light… 59 more words


Phone and cable companies have been ripping you off for years - here's how to strike back

Your phone and cable company could charge you a lot less than they do right now and still make a healthy profit. We know this because whenever you call up and threaten to cancel your service because it’s too expensive, they almost always offer you a better deal immediately. 374 more words


Retrotechtacular: Cut All the Cables in this Speedy Teleco Switch Upgrade

In this short but intense classic of corporate cinematography, we get to watch as the Pacific Bell central office in Glendale, California is converted to electronic switching in… 265 more words

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The Death of Cable TV

We haven’t had the luxury of cable TV the duration of our relationship. Joey grew up in a household without it; we had it but only in the living room and only if I was lucky to find it unoccupied by either of my parents. 2,248 more words


On The Money: Is it time to cut the cord on cable TV?

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Today for GMR On The Money, Amanda Malkowski is showing us how you can cut cable and still get your favorite shows. 639 more words