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The Morning Dump - May 5th

Who is helping Apple “fix” its music streaming business? The Morning Dump – BI

Morning Dump

Cutting the Cord 

Recently, I started finding that more and more live tv services are surfacing and offering some pretty decent options. For folks like me that are fed up with the cable companies that monopolize this industry, this is a big win. 282 more words



The genesis for today’s post came from the following article on Comics Alliance. To Me, My X-Men! The Comics Alliance X-Men Fantasy Draft

I’ve decided to put together my own X-Men team based on the criteria of the article. 620 more words

Hulu explains why it's building an online cable-TV competitor, and announces it's reached 12 million subscribers

(Source: www.techinsider.io)

Hulu is developing a cable-like online TV package, CEO Mike Hopkins confirmed this week to The New York Times.

The offering is part of a push to rethink TV and will include a greater emphasis on personalization (understanding what you want to watch before you do), Hopkins told The Times. 390 more words


Set-Top Boxes

In the fast growing day of technology, the world around it tends to always be one step behind. The first big cases involving technology privacy are only now taking place, the FCC is finally addressing net neutrality and most importantly the cable television industry is making changes allowing more people to watch TV over the internet. 1,194 more words

YouTube is planning its own cable killer

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

YouTube is planning its own cable killer. 

The video streaming site is working on a subscription service called “Unplugged” that would offer customers a bundle of TV channels that they could stream live online, sources familiar with the plan told… 266 more words