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Day 338 – Your leader, please, and be quick about it.

Day 338 – “Your leader, please, and be quick about it.” Every time I drive by one of these Idaho Power substations it makes me imagine that we’re being invaded by aliens from a 1950s Sci-Fi B-movie. 16 more words


The Reason Why Your Earphones Are Always Tangled

Ever wanted to know how to tie the strongest knot ever: 1. Put some Earphones in your pocket 2. Wait one minute. And there you have it, A ‘Y’ shaped earphone, that resembles a Greek alphabet then. 26 more words


The Pirinoa Poncho

A few months ago, Mary Furness-Weir of Maniototo Wool, approached me to help her design a child’s poncho.

I was intrigued by the concept that she suggested, and thought it would be a nice challenge to design a garment for a change, so I said yes. 538 more words


The A/V Cable Bible

Once upon a time, the cables in the MIAP lab were organized. I have a spreadsheet and everything to prove it. Video cables were neatly separated from audio-only cables, while patch cables and computer cables inhabited their own particular niches. 1,212 more words

Audio Preservation

The Library is Open- Part 2: Cables

Let’s talk about cables!  They’re some of my favorite things to knit, and they look super impressive.  But here’s the secret- they’re actually pretty easy!  (Especially if you can read your knitting as you go, instead of relying on a row counter to keep track of your pattern.) 438 more words


6 Rows This Week...

I knit 6 rows this week. Yes, you can likely count them if I photograph this up-close.

Here it is, in all it’s glory, six rows…Finals are coming(which is almost scarier than winter is coming…I think) 28 more words


The State of Digital Audio Cables

After recently writing about solid core audio cable designs, I began listening to various digital audio cables.  To dig in, I started by examining the transmission from computer to DAC (digital-to-analog converter) via the Audioquest USB cable line. 888 more words