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Knitted cushion

Since I started working at Calico and Ivy, my fabric stash has not grown rapidly. Surprising, right? (Saying that, this week the shop received a new Liberty shipment, so this could be a very dangerous time for me.) However, influenced by the pretty yarn selection, I am rekindling my love of knitting, and the yarns and knitting books are trying to follow me home. 369 more words


The Standoff, In E-Mail

I wanted to finally give in to the inevitable and officially switch my e-mail model from “things I will someday answer” to “a pile of text composting”. 234 more words


What?! More Patterns?

That’s right, knitters!  Surprise!  Another pattern- and it’s one I’m super proud of!

Introducing: The Laura Shawl!It’s a gorgeous (if I say so myself) cabled wrap, almost six feet long and two feet wide.  194 more words


Peak sweater season

Friends, this right now is 100% my favourite time of year for knitting. It’s just after Christmas, which means holiday knitting has passed, and selfish knitting time is fully welcomed. 610 more words


Keeping It Simple...As Simple As I

Keeping it simple really is an art form. I’ve never been good at this, and this week, perhaps you’ll see why, just not in photos…perhaps in the lack thereof…(I kid, of course…I still have pets…). 696 more words


My Bag of Random Cables Comes Through AGAIN

So I’m 44 and over the years I’ve owned various electronics, some of which I still have, some I don’t. Some I saved parts: Cable wires, USB cables, extension cords, charging cords, etc. 189 more words

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