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Cabochons: An Exotic Beauty

Another one to add among the beautiful jewelries that complete a perfect accessory is the Cabochons. Sounds unfamiliar? This unique gemstone may be seen by the majority, but the name may be unknown. 362 more words


Fa-La-La Mingo

This bird is all over the place!

Bright!  Brash!  Bubbly!  Bee-yoo-tee-ful!

Still rolling with the enhanced paper images ensconced under glass, this piece has glitter accents that highlight the bird and flowers. 63 more words


Felinus Furiosus


You don’t want to mess with this kitty.  Don’t let that glitter fool you, he’s a lean mean Day of the Dead purring machine! 87 more words


A Little Prayer

Now that the season of insanity (also know as Presidential elections) is over in the US, it’s time for everyone to say a little prayer.  We survived! 97 more words



With cold weather right around the corner, the butterflies have all left for warmer climes.

Except this bright green beauty!

I opted to spend time on the bezel, rather than become too enmeshed with the necklace itself.  55 more words


CABOCHONS – History of Cabochons

Cabochons are a cut-type or shape-type gemstone with a convex top with flat bottom/surface Typically It could be round or oval shaped. A cabochon, otherwise often referred to as a cab for short, certain stone-cut that is very popular in numerous jewelry designs, especially those that include gemstones. 440 more words