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Ossining's Maryknoll Gift Shop Sells All-Organic Chocolate

“For religious and secular occasions, or to just satisfy a sweet tooth, the Maryknoll Gift Shop has all-organic chocolate items for the shopping list with the guarantee that these treats are delivered by Equal Exchange. 13 more words

Could Climate Change Cause A Chocolate Apocalypse?

While chocoholics are feasting, could a climate change-induced famine be around the corner? AJ+ takes you to a chocolate factory where they roast, crack, sort, winnow, grind and melt cocoa beans into chocolate bars. 18 more words


Chocolate Was Once Considered a Powerful Cure-All Drug

Chocolate, the gateway drug…

Chocolate has not always been the common confectionary we experience today. When it first arrived from the Americas into Europe in the 17th century it was a rare and mysterious substance, thought more of as a drug than as a food.

39 more words

Day 38: Organic Homemade Chocolates

Yesterday morning while getting my daily fix at my go-to coffee place in Sanur, I struck up a conversation with another regular patron about natural DIY stuff (because, Bali). 314 more words

Home DIY

Pie Science & Chocolate Genetics

Our very own Amy Rowat explains how to use science to bake a better pie, and geneticists look at the DNA of cacao beans to breed better chocolate beans. 17 more words

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Cacao Nibs:Even Better For You Than Dark Chocolate by Terri Coles

You’ve heard about the health benefits of dark chocolate, but did you know that you can benefit even more by eating the beans themselves, with less processing? 756 more words