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Mass Commoditization of one of the World’s Most Difficult to Grow Crops

It sometimes seems like the world just can’t get enough chocolate.  We eat it plain, add all sorts of interesting things like raisins, chilies, and caramel to it, and even form it into the shape of a rabbit around Easter time.  859 more words

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Commercialization of Cacao Beans in the Aztec Empire

A group of merchants, the pochteca, played a prominent role in the commercialization and commoditization of cacao within the Aztec empire. As the pochteca… 1,078 more words

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Treat of the Past: How Ancient Customs Foreshadowed Chocolate's Meaning Today

In modern times, chocolate is often considered one of the most popular sweets that can be consumed. It is valued highly by modern society and is associated with popular holidays such as Valentine’s Day, as people will present chocolate to their lovers as a gift (Martin 2/11). 683 more words

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Art and History: The Changing Values of Cacao in Mayan Culture

In contemporary society, chocolate is a mainstream food accessible to nearly everyone. However, 1500 years ago, it used to be a luxurious item for the upper class. 539 more words

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Chocolate Was Once Considered a Powerful Cure-All Drug

Chocolate, the gateway drug…

Chocolate has not always been the common confectionary we experience today. When it first arrived from the Americas into Europe in the 17th century it was a rare and mysterious substance, thought more of as a drug than as a food.

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Day 38: Organic Homemade Chocolates

Yesterday morning while getting my daily fix at my go-to coffee place in Sanur, I struck up a conversation with another regular patron about natural DIY stuff (because, Bali). 314 more words

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