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CSS and Caching

My original intent for keeping a blog was to help me remember solutions to problems in programming/ coding that I encountered. Because I am learning so much every day, I have had the problem in the past where I have figured out how to do something and then the next time — maybe a week later, or a month later — when that problem came up again, I had forgotten my original solution. 535 more words

AngularJS promises as cache objects

Caching is a handy approach for keeping values that take a good amount of time to be computed.

Given the design in AngularJS, a promise can serve the purpose of being the cache object, so that it’s able to address as many invocation to return the cached value, saving some lines of code. 748 more words

Intel Optane Memory: Doing the math and some initial thoughts

(Source: www.hardwarezone.com.sg)

Earlier this week, Intel announced its new Optane Memory, which is a caching SSD.

If the term “caching SSD” is alien to you, it is essentially an SSD with a small capacity that is used solely for the purpose of storing your most frequently accessed data. 599 more words


Developing with ACCS Caching Services

Try though we might to shift everything to a glorious set of stateless services, there are still plenty of scenarios in which an application might need to store some state, commonly to track some information about a user and that user’s session. 1,634 more words

Application Container Cloud Service

The Art of CRM Batch Jobs

The more CRM projects I do, the more fan I become of the scheduled batch jobs. They are not a silver bullet solution, but in many scenarios they have many benefits over more traditional code customization for CRM, like form scripting, plug-ins and workflows. 3,208 more words

Microsoft Dynamics CRM