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Diseñando una web ultra-rápida (IV)

Después de haber instalado y configurado NGINX con uWSGI, en el post de hoy toca replantearse cosas y empezar con la caché.

(Re)diseño de la API… 1,242 more words


The subtle art of caching


It’s often said that there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. In this blog post we’ll reconsider this statement against the modern databases and approaches. 1,143 more words


Caching in a High Availibility Cluster

As described in a previous article, the Oracle BI Server maintains a cache entry to improve the response time for further Analysis, which can be satisfied with the cached result. 356 more words

Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

Diseñando una web ultra-rápida (I)

¿Qué sucedería si pudiésemos hacer una web que sirviese 10.000 peticiones por segundo en un buen servidor? ¿Atraería más usuarios? ¿vendería más?

Posiblemente no haya casi ninguna diferencia, pues casi todas las webs sirven menos de 5 peticiones por segundo. 911 more words


Hidden caches catch your data

This article is different from my usual posts. It explains things that may be obvious to many database professionals – not all of them though. 1,837 more words


How To: Implement caching in Liferay 7.0

This article will explain how to implement caching for custom objects in Liferay 7.0 – using liferay’s caching mechanism, and also by integrating a third party cache server (Redis). 3,206 more words