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Error while converting Sitecore Virtual user to real user


I am sure most of you must’ve heard/used Virtual user. Last week. We faced interesting scenario with Virtual user. Which took lot of our time. 876 more words

Tips And Tricks

Crocodiles, Dragons and now Bats !!!

Cockrobbinn had rather an important appointment recently and I was accompanying him.

We were both dressed rather smartly and arrived at our destination half-an-hour early (anyone that knows us will soon tell you that we ALWAYS arrive early, wherever we go, or whatever we do,  we are early – it’s a fault of ours). 551 more words


Addressing VDI's Fork in The Road

Organizations embark on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) projects to drive down end-user operational costs and to enhance infrastructure security. These projects often evaluate well. During “test mode” there are a limited number of users, making it easy to meet their demands with a cost efficient, hard disk-based storage array. 1,350 more words


timing is everything

I discovered something strange and bothersome today when I began a debugging session on a Node.js—based website I was working on.  My logs were clearly showing that my browser was pre-caching content from a site before I visited it. 384 more words


Caching, You Ain’t No Friend Of Mine

I’m a big fan of leveraging caching to improve performance. If you look over my blog, you’ll find quite a few articles that cover things like implementing BLOB caching within SharePoint, working with the Object Cache, extending your own code with caching options, and more. 1,565 more words


Gray Squirrels Digging Up Cached Acorns

If you have oak trees in the woods near you, chances are great that their acorns attracted wildlife this past fall, one of which was most likely a Gray Squirrel. 137 more words

In Training

As the school holidays drew to a close, I found myself with the kids at the local netball courts learning to ride bikes and roll on skates – pleasingly, I had left… 1,484 more words