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The Nuthatch Name

Have you ever thought about the derivation of the Red- and White-breasted Nuthatch’s common name? It comes from their habit of wedging a nut, acorn, etc. 135 more words

Beaver Winter Food Supply Cache

Once locked under the ice, beavers have only the food that they have had the foresight to store in their pond prior to it freezing to sustain themselves for the next four to five months. 292 more words

Ground Caching - Part #1

Time to hide some stuff. Yup, the time has finally come. But, rather than calling it “hiding stuff” let’s refer to it as caching supplies… 1,442 more words

Gear & Equipment

Oracle INMEMORY option for heap table

Oracle inmemory options allows users to store their data in memory. This is how we can enable inmemory option which provides faster access to table data. 311 more words