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Updating Materialized Views and Caches Using Kafka

This blog post originated in a talk I presented at the Prairie.Code() 2016 conference.

As web developers, we often need to build services that query data from multiple sources in complex ways. 3,212 more words


Spring-Boot and Cache Abstraction with HazelCast

Previously we got started with Spring Cache abstraction using the default Cache Manager that spring provides.

Although this approach might suit our needs for simple applications, in case of complex problems we need to use different tools with more capabilities. 449 more words


Spring boot and Cache Abstraction

Caching is a major ingredient of most applications, and as long as we try to avoid disk access it will stay strong.
Spring has great support… 1,240 more words


Write more. Care less. The classic case of premature optimization.

I haven’t even published a handful of posts and yet I’ve already wasted almost a day thinking about alternatives and solutions for what will happen when I run out of the free 3 GB WordPress.com plan. 230 more words


A Star (A*) Algorithm with Caching - Java Implementation

Route calculation is computationally an expensive operation. There are several ways how to reduce computational load on the backend. I’ll show you how I optimized my computational resources. 725 more words

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What is Caching in WordPress and Why it is Important

Caching refers to the process of creating static copies of your site’s content and serving those static files to subsequent visitors after the first hit the post receives.

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Hayduke Trail Best Caching Spots [& Trail Mileages]

 Hayduke Trail Best Caching Spots [& section mileages]:

There are 14 sections to the Hayduke Trail. Officially, the trail is 812 miles. In actuality it’s probably closer to 1000 miles than it is to being 812. 2,519 more words

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