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Laravel is loading the wrong view

I had two routes: “/something/step/1” and “/something/step/2”.

In my routes file they were defined like so:

Route::post(‘something/step/{step}’, ‘MyController@step’);

MyController@step was defined like so:

public function step($step) {

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Probably The Best Website Optimisation Work-Through I've Read ...

… so much so I am going to use it as a step by step on my own sites, adding my own non-technical-bloke experience, actions etc as I go. 6,018 more words


My article The Facebook Algorithm Mom Problem hit #1 on Hacker News this morning (a first for me)!

Sadly, due to some quirky bugs last week, I’d turned caching off for the first time in 3 years, so my server has tipped over. 89 more words


Caching in Gradle

Setting up a CI pipeline is nowadays a standard in software development. In our case, we use jenkins as a CI server with one master and one slave. 769 more words

Wordpress blog optimization

Its easy to optimize your wordpress blog after its installation. Optimizing your blog helps avoid server overloading and hence also avoid suspensions.

Many hosting providers usually suspend your service if it starts using all the available server resources. 10 more words


Bird stories

One day in late April, two friends and I scrambled up a steep stream-side slope to a perch on a cliff below a waterfall. We hoped to locate a nest of American dippers, which have nested in this spot for many years. 821 more words