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Quantity or Quality?

Way back when I first started this blog, the geobro told me there would come a time when logging and blogging would seem laborious … But I like logging and blogging, I insisted … Wait till you do a few big days or a powertrail, he warned… 2,910 more words


Saturday adventures in London!

Happy Sunday morning lovely ones!

I hope the weekend has been treating you well! This weekend I’ve been in Reading and on Saturday we hopped on a train to London to attempt to go urban caching! 916 more words


Can Storage Silos be Eliminated?

One of the original promises of a shared storage system was to eliminate storage silos by consolidating all of an organization’s data assets onto a single system. 1,796 more words


Performance tip – Caching expiry in web applications

Caching data that rarely change can give you a big performance boost especially if it takes time to fetch and/or calculate that data. In .NET 4.0, Microsoft introduced the .NET Memory Cache which is a thread safe cache that can be used Windows and Web applications. 445 more words


Speedment ORM - deliberate enterprise caching

A small company with big dreams

I first heard of Speedment while watching a Hazelcast webinar about a RDBMS Change Data Capture approach for updating the in-memory data grid. 714 more words


Yet Another Way to Store Data Outside of the Sitecore Experience Platform

Last February, Sitecore MVP Nick Wesselman shared an awesome blog post on storing data outside of the Sitecore® Experience Platform™ using the NHibernate ORM framework — if you haven’t had a chance to read this, I strongly recommend that you do — which is complete magic, and a simple solution where you don’t have to worry about spinning up your own database tables for storing information. 2,878 more words