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A Halfpenny for your Thoughts

A few weeks ago now (yes, I know, I’ve been slack on the blogging) I had planned to pick up Big J from Sydney, so I decided to do a quick run through the Upper North Shore area at the same time – arranging to meet her at a park near to the station where there was an interesting sounding cache, I had time to collect a few park and grabs in the nearby neighbourhoods beforehand – but this proved less successful that I had anticipated… The first I stopped for was a quick and easy grab – I pulled up, and saw the cache from the car (although it probably helped that I had the same ‘devious’ container in my collection at home 😉). 1,421 more words


Introducing Cache Buddy: a companion for your WordPress page caching solution

WordPress is, by default, completely dynamic. On every page load, a bunch of “work” happens. Cookies are read. A database is queried. Content is transformed. All of this makes WordPress very powerful and flexible. 917 more words


March 2015 - 5 countries in a day, GC40 and geocaching in Belgium

My uncle is studying at the university in Leuven, Belgium for a year so I decided to book a weekend trip for me and The_Mother as her Christmas present. 1,002 more words


Isle of Wight and things....

We’ve had a very strange couple of weeks.  It all started on Friday the 13th, or to be precise, late evening on the 12th when Windows on my laptop decided to upgrade and then configure the upgrade, and then fail to configure the upgrade and so started the cycle of upgrading, configuring and failing to configure! 1,772 more words


Reusable Content Control - Sharepoint 2013 MasterPage

Although the Reusable Content list works well for adding content to content placeholders in a publishing page, there are times when I want to use it to store reusable content that should show up in my master page or in page layouts. 290 more words


Node.js Modules - Part 3

In this post, we’ll explore the 3 main types of modules in Node.js, and how we can work with each of them –

  1. File-Based Modules…
  2. 1,172 more words