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little drummer boy :)

When i waltzed onto my tumblr universe (yes, i live in the tumblr universe to keep myself sane) on this beautiful, gray, drizzly, foggy, chilly, sunday morning, this is the first thing i saw and i keep looking at baby Jesus with the lighter and i’m laughing madly because i love this so much and the look on the faces Joseph & Mary is precious, like “we just calmed him and put him to sleep and now this”….. 29 more words



This is supposed to be the llama from the Emperor’s New Groove.

that is the devil and he is here to kill us


A Luffy because I haven’t drawn Luffy in months~ (I mainly just really really wanted to colour something eheheh)


Happy birthday Thomas Jefferson. I hope you’re rolling in your grave over the fact you’re being played by a person of color in the one of the biggest shows on Broadway.