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In (Anthony) Burgess’s discussion of Nineteen Eighty Four he goes on to suggest that a cacotopian tendency of society is visible in his lifetime. When ‘the stresses of contemporary life grow intolerable’ we can read the signs for a coming cacotopia: ‘There are bills to pay, machines that go wrong and cannot be repaired, roofs that leak, buses that fail to arrive, dull work to be done, an inability to make ends meet, insurance premiums that fall due, sickness, the panorama of the wicked world displayed in the press …’


CACOTOPIA - Inhuman Agitation

When two creative minds get together and take black metal to a whole new realm, it could be named Cacotopia. The duo are back again to follow up their 2009 demo with the release of their debut full length… 248 more words


Monday, 10th February 2014

The title of Thomas More’s Utopia (1516) is a pun on the Greek homophones εὐ good and οὐ not (+ τόπος place). That is, Utopia is a place that’s so perfect that its existence is impossible. 84 more words