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Cactus Kate at Whale Oil?

Cactus Kate was implicated with Cameron Slater and Whale Oil in ‘Dirty Politics’. She has since removed a lot of her blog content.

Therefore a post at Whale Oil under her name raised an eyebrow or two – … 131 more words


Blogging, forgetting, and legacy

Giovanni Tiso has some good serious thoughts on the efforts of one Dirty Politics-affiliated blogger to get her writing stricken from the national record:

The case of lawyer Cathy Odgers is even more interesting.

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Boscawen is Act's best chance of survival

John Boscawen’s decision to stand for leadership of Act and for the Epsom electorate is Act’s best chance of survival. He may also offer John Key and his National government more hope for survival too. 582 more words


Is anything of note happening here?

Many years ago a British TV programme lampooned New Zealand television for the items carried in the news.

I’m a little vague on the details but I think something to do with the theft of a few sheep had been a leading story at the time. 327 more words


Greens want to rob Peter to pay Paul

Year after year remits at National Party conferences sought to ensure fuel taxes and road user charges went in to roaring roading and not the consolidated fund. 356 more words


A pretty bouquet!

I was directed to this post by “Cactus Kate” from comments on The Standard, and was highly flattered:

must surely now defeat myself as the owner of the most invective of any New Zealand female blogger.  

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Adam Likes.......

In no especial order and amongst many other things:

1 Cameron Slater for his no holds barred, honest approach

2 Cactus Kate for her idiosyncratic world view… 35 more words