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Entrance Gates

For large multi-unit projects having a construction duration of several years…when a chain-link fence is used for the jobsite enclosure with a swinging double gate for access into the project…the builder should consider something more substantial for the gate posts…in place of the standard round hollow tube poles driven into the ground. 307 more words


Homeowners Should Clean Photocells

Figure           illustrates an exterior light fixture that has a photocell switch that turns the light fixture on when it gets dark in the evening, and off at first light in the morning.  169 more words


Validation, but funny. October 16

Took a few days off, now I’m back with more bland comics made less bland (maybe?). Found the ‘joke’ buried in the words, but it still wasn’t funny, so I changed the final frame a bit…


Install Some Interior Doors

Many builders leave off the interior doors with sales models to give the models a more open and spacious feeling.

At the close of sales and the completion of the project, when the sales models are converted back to regular units for occupancy, the interior doors are rehung. 117 more words



I learned to fly
the day you ate my hat

The facts are unconnected
except through poetry

Poetry is magic
and I want my hat back… 7 more words

Plastic Covers for Toilets & Thermostats

            In sales models, for multi-unit projects, it is a good practice to install rigid plastic covers on all toilets as shown in Fig.        , so they will not be used by people viewing the models. 143 more words


How Do You Feel About CAD Software Moving to the Cloud?

Is the trend towards cloud-based CAD more beneficial towards CAD vendors or their customers? (Image courtesy of JPR and Business Advantage.)

When Autodesk announced that it would be moving some of its major software products to the cloud in 2015, a reactionary backlash began from some of the more vocal content creators who use their software on a regular basis. 1,122 more words