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Accident: word origins

Accident: An unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury. (oxforddictionaries.com)

Accident came into English in the 14th Century, and originally only meant an incident, something that happened by chance, not necessarily something that was a mistake or negative. 346 more words


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[FOTO] Creian que Era un Cadaver y Al Moverlo Mira Lo que Descubrieron

Ahorita la situacion con la Delicuencia y los Cadaveres, es una Situacion muy seria. En esta, ocasion unas personas reportaron a una Mujer Muerta en un Charco. 61 more words


My Cadaver Experience

It’s officially the midpoint of my¬† last semester of college (eek!). For this last semester, the class I am most excited about is my anatomy class which also has a gross anatomy lab meaning that I get to work with 3 human donors or cadavers to learn about the material. 531 more words

Lady Cadaver

Steady streaming

Robbing different frequencies

Steady holding the top sails

Pillage and recorded

Kept, to be replayed

Mind, remains at ease breifly

Wooden hall coated with a strong taste of salt… 149 more words


Erica Vega: Words to the Cadaver [@ Elgin Literary Festival]

Here’s another video from this year’s Elgin Literary Festival.

This poem is by Erica Vega who wrote this piece after seeing a cadaver at massage therapy school. 20 more words


National Geographic Explorer Documentary : Faces of Death

“Death is as fundamental to life as gravity, sex, or breathing. We may not like to think about it, but death makes life on earth possible. 64 more words