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Day 291 Signal No.5 Typhoon

Good morning!

Though it may not be a good morning to some typhoon-stricken areas in the Philippines, but let’s thank God for this brand new day He made! 176 more words

Day 286 Cadaver Dissection Thoughts Part 2

Good morning!

I just want to share what happened to me yesterday.

Previously (Day 284 Cadaver Dissection Thoughts) I was sharing how we had our first dissection in Med school. 317 more words

Day 284 Cadaver Dissection Thoughts

Good morning!

In any Medical school, there will always be cadaver dissection for first year students to be able to have a deeper understanding of anatomy. 795 more words

Localizan cadáver de contador público en la ARC

El hombre se encontraba desaparecido desde el pasado lunes cuando salió de su casa a trabajar.

 El cuerpo sin vida del contador público José Luis Estremor Paternina (36) fue localizado en el kilómetro 14 de la Autopista Regional del Centro. 257 more words


Famous Doctor Goes Insane After Cadaver Kills New Mother

This Is A True Story.

Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis was a Hungarian-Austrian physician who made an amazing discovery in 1847 while head of the Maternity Department of the Vienna General Hospital. 1,190 more words

Biblical Health Study

Truffle Mushrooms Versus Truffle Desserts

A long time ago, I was curious why, within the culinary profession, you had both the “truffle” mushroom and the “truffle” dessert. I could only assume that they were using the mushroom in the dessert, which, obviously, did not make sense. 438 more words


First lesson with the cadavers

Still remembered my previous post about the silent mentors? It is okay if you don’t. You can always click the link and read more about it! 540 more words