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Synthetic Cadaver Breathes, Bleeds, and Moves - Totally Awesome or Totally CREEPY?

It looks and feels human. It’s even made of salt, water, and fiber – just like you and me. But, this incredible replica of the human body isn’t human; it’s SynDaver Lab’s synthetic human patient. 775 more words


Human Cadaver Dissection: Week 3

Day 1: Today we worked on the head and neck. It was kind of creepy skinning the face and neck, had to keep the eyes covered. 71 more words


Human Cadaver Dissection: Week 2

Day 1: Fat trimming and isolation of the structures/ vessels around the female cadaver’s right foot/ ankle (malleoli). We identified the structures that run through the tarsal tunnel. 709 more words


Human Cadaver Dissection Week 1

Day 1: We got started right away with the dissection. We got three new bodies, 2 female (97 and early 70s years of age) and 1 male (72 or 73 years of age also). 458 more words


Our Day With Fu-Chan Wei

by Jacob G. Unger, MD

We had the distinct privilege of having Dr. Fu Chan Wei as our visiting professor this past week at UT Southwestern.  421 more words


The tell-tale fly

Most of us would rather not think about what happens to our bodies after death. But that breakdown gives birth to new life in unexpected ways, writes Mo Costandi in this week’s… 663 more words


Being Mindful

  by Andre Alcon, MD

It’s hard to believe we’ve finally reached the end of medical school. Cadaver lab, clinical clerkships, sub-I’s and interviews; each has left its indelible mark. 1,092 more words

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