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'Caddyshack' Actress Cindy Morgan Joins The Triple Threat

‘Caddyshack’ and ‘Tron’ star Cindy Morgan joined Sean and Ted on the Triple Threat and discussed Ted’s fandom, working with Chevy Chase, Harold Ramis’s work and the aftermath of Caddyshack’s success 35 years later. 6 more words


PowerRank: Ranking the Most Outrageous, Cramp Inducing Funny Movies of All Time (featuring Comparisons to Taylor Swift hits)

19 Semi-Pro (2008)

Will Ferrell’s ABA ¬†spoof is emerging as a cult classic despite poor reviews at the time of its release. I frankly never understood the critiques of this movie: it’s easily one of Will Ferrell’s most memorable performances. 1,390 more words

Taylor Swift

Madi's Swimming Lessons Ended In Caddyshack Style

Let’s talk about this concept of “staycation”.

I tried it this past week, and it does not work. I ended up coming in four of five days – and I had remote appearances on two days. 53 more words


John Daly, Film Critic

“I love Godfather 1 and 2. (Like everybody else, I hated Godfather 3.) I love all the Rocky movies. I love all the… 63 more words

FREE Movies Coming To Navy Pier!

Movies have played at Navy Pier for years at the IMAX theatre. While they may be larger than life, they are NOT free.

Put away your wallets. 101 more words


The Whoville Marathon

Scrolling down Facebook, I came across an add for compression socks for runners.

I see this, and immediately, my mind isn’t thinking running socks, it’s thinking Dr. 329 more words


I'm Alright, and Nobody Worry Bout Me: Pete Revisits the Sports Classic CADDYSHACK

How could it work? A movie about an exclusive and incredibly expensive golf club, its eccentric members, it’s rag-tag group of employees, a gopher that’s tearing up the course, and an assistant greens keeper who’s not quite all there. 575 more words

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