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Funniest Movies Ever!!

I just came across a few lists of the funniest movies ever on the NY Times site and boston.com. While they did have many of my top choices, there were others left off. 287 more words

One-Liner Wednesday – Caddyshack

“Let’s go – while we’re young!”

Maddie didn’t get it. She didn’t get it in the AM when it was 11f (-11c) with a 25mph wind, and she didn’t get it in the PM when it was 24f (-4c) with a 20mph wind (with gusts up to 41). 92 more words



Leaving work and it’s finally light out and 50°. It feels like spring. I just said out loud to myself “wow, I have a whole new life now”. 707 more words

Somebody on Reddit just destroyed the ending of 'Caddyshack'

This is technically one big spoiler, but I’m just going to dive right in because the movie is from 1980 and if you haven’t seen it yet, too bad. 501 more words


"No No, Right on The Beach!"

As the quote above references one of my favorite movies of all time, Caddyshack, I have to say I’m never too excited to be on the beach.  268 more words


Caddyshack II

When Caddyshack blasted out of the tee box in 1980, we knew we’d never look at golf in quite the same way again. Gone were the sepia-toned memories of Sam Snead, the easy swagger of Arnold Palmer, the thrill of the Golden Bear stalking the 18th. 407 more words


Pool, or pond. Pond would have been fine for us.

So y’all are probably wondering a little bit about where we are living and what we are doing. This is the view from our back deck Thanksgiving morning after a wee bit of snow. 544 more words

Winter Adventure