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Some Of My Favorite Funny Movie Clips

Today’s post is just a nonsensical look at some of my favorite funny movie clips.

I’ve watched a lot of comedies and so called comedies over the years and here are some of the clips that still buzz around in my head. 340 more words


Finger Farts

Did you know that the average person farts fourteen times a day? It’s nice to know that I am above average for a change.  Farting is a necessary release, venting the crap we have inside.  2,068 more words


Maddie’s White Christmas

The only thing better than the snow on Christmas was the fact that Faith came to visit Maddie (Maddie is sure that was the reason). Before Faith arrived, I was out with the crazy redheaded pup, and she simply didn’t want to come in. 277 more words

One Line Wed

#HiddenGem Caddyshack- Cafe by the Greens

It was one of those days which were meant only for good food, lots of sunshine and after literally an hour of contemplating where to head to, we came across this gorgeous place on… 248 more words


Gus Andreone – Hometown Hero #WATWB

The perfect place and beverage to share some casual conversation.

If we were having a beer, you would be picking on me again.

“Can we assume that you were making rather merry on Thursday Mr. 1,071 more words


The Amazon Bin: "Caddyshack"

In “The Amazon Bin”, I use a Prime account to scour whatever interesting scraps Jeff Bezo’s company feels like throwing on their streaming service. Their library is nowhere near as expansive as Netflix, but Christ can it peak just as hard. 690 more words

Movie Reviews

CAA Hoops: The fully baked half dozen

Like the solar eclipse, a preschooler’s attention span and my leaf-free front yard, opening weekend in college basketball has come and gone. After months of speculation, we finally #STDGA. 1,217 more words