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Nothing Is Fun

Ah, I see your point very good…


What? Well, I won’t say if I agree or disagree but I will say— this…

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Writing Zen Doing Nothing

Watch Bryson DeChambeau imitate Billy Murray from 'Caddyshack'

Remember this scene?

What am I saying … of course you remember that scene. It’s only, like, the best scene in the second best fictional golf movie of all time ( 72 more words


Quote for the Day

“You’ll get nothing and like it.”   Judge Smails to Spaulding Smails in the classic movie Caddyshack.  Or more recently, from any of the Texas Republican leadership to Texas children.

Round 3- Adelaide v Richmond: Now, I know why Tigers eat their young

In Caddyshack one of Rodney Dangerfield’s much-loved lines is, “Now, I know why tigers eat their young.” He’s speaking of Judge Smails’ disagreeable grandson Spalding (I want a hamburger. 924 more words

People And Places

Bill Murray looks so sad when his son reveals he's never seen 'Caddyshack'

Luke Murray is an Assistant Coach at Xavier, and in a recent interview also revealed that he is a person who has never seen “Caddyshack.” A terrible situation for anyone, let alone Murray’s son. 62 more words