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... and so it begins!

National Novel Writing Month begins tomorrow! I will be posting updates on the writing process for my novel, Eleanor, whenever I can. Hopefully it will be once a week (instead of my weekly poetry/short story posts). 73 more words

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Superb Writing for Voice—We Are The Lions: The Campaign Against Domestic Violence

My writing philosophy is clear, if you haven’t grabbed your audience in the first twenty seconds, they’re gone. It’s the principle of never being stupid enough to judge a book by its cover but you can sure tell a hell of a lot by its first few sentences. 232 more words

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The Death of Ultra, the Death of Cadence

What do you say to yourself when you’re out there, all alone, on the trail, close to the end of your race — but not as close as you’d hoped to be? 1,358 more words


Moov Now - An newbie runner's perspective

Running a marathon (i mean a half) had always been a dream for me. One, I never had the stamina to be on the road for 2-3 hours and the recurring knee injuries never allowed me to keep training for more than a few weeks in a go. 947 more words


The Cadence of a Good Life

You will notice an ebb and flow in your life, seasonality, and phases. There is a rhythm God established for you, a tone your human family paints, and a flavor your own God-given personality emanates. 312 more words


What I Learned about Team Cadence When My Wife Had the Remote Control

If you’re a sports fan with DVR, you usually have a queue of recorded sporting events to catch up on before you accidentally come across the scores in the ticker tape, headlines, get a score notification on your mobile device, or a text from a friend ruining the surprise. 584 more words


And love was stolen

And love was stolen
by a fool, by a coward
Stole her from me
But willing, she left

Tainted, and the shadow fell
A cloak, and took all forgiveness… 141 more words

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