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Club penguin’s Cadence,drawn and shaded with pencil.

I try to do more art during my school holiday.The other drawings like these are still work in progress.


CADENCE Week 3 - Cabanaconde, Arequipa, and Cusco, Peru

Run – 11mi

Feeling much better.

This week was pretty busy travel-wise. We are starting our big 8 day hike on Saturday and we had to travel a bit to get to Cusco. 217 more words


A Little Thing Called Poetry

My writing journey truly began around the age of 10. I began to journal at a young age and at the same time was drawn to the gentle cadence and beautiful descriptions that come wrapped in the package of poetry. 252 more words


CADENCE Week 2 - Arequipa and Colca Canyon, Peru

Run – 3 miles

A cold and altitude are a bad combination.

I was able to get in one run this week. It was a nice run with Lindsey around a park in Arequipa. 178 more words


Visualisation and The Trail

So Week 1 has come and gone and time for a review.

Kicked off on Monday with some running drills which were for strength and technique from Brian MacKenzie’s… 172 more words

Brian MacKenzie

Running Cadence

Recently there has been a shift in focus away from particular foot strike patterns relating to running injuries toward alterations in cadence.  While this has been a positive initiative for many runners, foot strike patterns may still have relevance in treating specific injuries.   279 more words

CADENCE Week 1 - Lima, Peru

Run – 13 miles

I brought the wrong equipment.

Lima is a biking city. A mountain biking city to be exact. Every day, all day, out my window there would be a steady stream of mountain bikes making their way back a forth along the cliff tops. 267 more words