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Creative Critical Reflection Questions

  1. How do your products use or challenge conventions and how do they represent social groups or issues?

    Our product challenges modern filming conventions by implementing the use of long lasting shots rather than using several cuts.

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Editing Process

         As designated chief editor, my goal is to effectively edit and perfect our short film. The first step was to sort through all the available footage and choose the best ones. 161 more words



       In preparation for the weeks to come, Ariel and I have sat down and come up with the basic rough Storyboard (shown below) of what we’d like our film to consist of. 25 more words


Final Editing

       As our Short film comes together, many of the issues we had during editing have been tackled. It was an absolute nightmare to align the track with all the footage perfectly. 77 more words



       With ideas rushing through Ariel’s head, we quickly came up with a plethora of job assignments for each group members. As Ariel gets busy with idea plotting, the rest of us continue to do our own research on what each of our job titles entitles us to do.   96 more words


Filming Day

      I am thankful to say that yesterday went incredibly smooth and that we have officially filmed everything needed for our short film – yes, in one day! 500 more words