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Me, Bernard, And Meb: A Tale Of Three Runners. Only Two Of Whom Are Actually Any Good.

Bernard Lagat: 216
Meb Keflezhigi: 203
Rod: 218

Me and champion runners, Bernard Lagat & Meb Keflezhigi, each with a stride per minute (SPM) count of over 200. 407 more words

On Running

Surprise parkrun PB!

A surprise PB at parkrun today! Surprise for two reasons – it was a muddy slippery course, so not really PB conditions; and I had technical difficulties which meant my HR monitor kept dropping out and the app I was using tracked my pace and distance incorrectly, so during the run I didn’t have a decent estimation of how I was doing, and I felt like I was going slowly! 234 more words

The April Fool's Challenge...

It's all in the way your feet touch the ground...

After running three days in a row, I’m starting to feel like the real deal! As promised yesterday, I experimented with the magic 180 rule on today’s run, keeping my heart rate around 150bpm. 524 more words

The April Fool's Challenge...

C is for Cadence

The bike world made this word popular. Most days if you go out and watch pedalers, you’ll see a bunch of them pushing hard down on each pedal their bodies swaying from one side to the other as the arduously mash each pedal. 149 more words

Week 6 - first phase of training = done!

Sessions on the bike: 3
Time spent in the saddle: 3h 30m
Miles ridden: 68.3 mi 318 more words


Come Autumn

We will

walk through central park

in cotton shirts and jeans,

sit beside each other on

 oak benches painted green.

The  broad September

sun will light our faces and… 30 more words


A cappella

I have a feeling that even if I don’t mean for my posts to be about music, they still end up being about music! This is why I decided that I would choose a post topic on A cappella. 150 more words

Daily Ramblings