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NRO: “Massachusetts representative Stephen Lynch isn’t just worried about the negative impact Obamacare will have on his party’s performance this fall — he also thinks its worst effects on our health-care system are still to come. 102 more words


Higher Insurance Costs

Organizations may face higher insurance costs if they have low enrollment, are not currently offering insurance and when the shared responsibility penalties exceed the cost of coverage. 132 more words

The Deadliest Killer

Mosquitoes are the number one creature-killer of the human race by a wide margin. They have achieved this distinction by acting as the most efficient disease vector for a host of microorganisms, including those causing malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis.   302 more words

Saving Healthcare

I guess this is why they call them "Cadillac" health insurance plans... they cost about as much!

Unfortunately Massachusetts passed healthcare reform back in 2006 that is eerily similar to Obamacare 2010. The huge premium increases necessary to cover these madate laden policies is causing a new set of problems in Massachusetts. 111 more words

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