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Cadillac by db_macro

I came across this old cadillac in a parking lot and just had to take a photo

From 500px http://ift.tt/23PvBp3



If you look, you can see me. That was a mistake, but it adds a little character into the photo.


The Deville is in the details

As a result of poking around Curbside Classics I found a photo of a car that did not deserve its Cadillac nameplate. 

There are lots of reasons why Cadillac got into the difficulty it did. 271 more words

Was Then ...

Cadillac ELR won’t live to see second generation

Cadillac through the voice of its president Johan de Nysschen has announced the ELR is not going to receive a second generation.

The stylish ELR never took off due to its exorbitant price tag which put off a lot of potential buyers, prompting Cadillac’s Chief Marketing Officer, Uwe Ellinghaus, to call it a “big disappointment.” As a consequence, it shouldn’t come as a surprise there aren’t plans for a second generation, even though the current model is considered by de Nysschen as being “one of the most beautiful cars on four wheels.” 139 more words

Car News

Cadillac Is Killing Its Pricey ELR Plug-In Hybrid

Cadillac has reportedly opted to cancel any plans to continue producing its ELR plug-in hybrid coupe after watching the luxury hybrid’s sales fall last year. 185 more words


Gear Head Tuesday - Packard's Fabulous Torsion-Level Ride

Packard ad from 1955: “Take the key and see,” “Let the ride decide.” “Torsion-Level ride – the greatest Engineering Advancement in Automotive History!”

We have chronicled here (and on our previous blog) how, when James Nance arrived in 1952 as president of Packard, he had taken the helm of a once-grand company now approaching the abyss. 556 more words

Murder Sets Sail – 7

George has everything under control, or at least he thinks he does, but there is some dissention in the ranks. You remember Myra was wanting a way to warn the owner of the boat they are about to charter the he should not take the charter. 2,107 more words