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“Long blonde hair down the middle of her back
She’s got the keys to her daddy’s Cadillac“

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – “Baby’s Got A Hold On Me”


Car Commercials Throwing Shade

In 2014 Cadillac released its “Poolside” Ad, featuring actor Neal McDonough’s unapologetic and fast talking tribute to the good life.

Taking great pains to make fun of such goofy things as Europe, bad luck and actually taking your vacation time, Cadillac boldly insists the time is now for the well-off to come out and proudly proclaim what they haven’t really been hiding: “Yo! 305 more words

Just One Ad

A Super-Sized '64 Caddy at the Scarsdale Concours

Back in October, there was one car at Scarsdale that made everything look like a toy. Even the Ferraris and Jaguar sports cars trembled in its wake. 71 more words

Car Shows

Road Trips, Shrines, and American Gods

I read the book American Gods a while ago, and in tribute to Neil Gaiman I wrote this piece.  In this book Neil Gaiman has two major characters, Wednesday and Shadow, who go on the classic American road trip, for reasons I’ll leave you to discover should you read it.The characters visit tiny towns and roadside attractions throughout the States.   604 more words

The Cadillac of all Cadillacs is waiting to be your next project

Anyone who’s restored a car start to finish understands patience, time, dedication and lots and lots of money are needed. Typically for a weekend warrior at home, the financials never work out in your favor, but you do it for the love of a special car that means something to you. 392 more words


Week # 38 - #17. Misplaced/Lost/Missing Piece

My friend, Patricia, and I spent an enjoyable evening at the Sarasota Fair recently and when I looked up at the flashing sign for the Rock & Roll ride, I saw only the front portion of a pink Cadillac.  24 more words

52-Week Photo Challenge