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Race, Rape And Reprobates - Part 1

Let’s start by examining the the sudden and popular demand for white people to examine their white privilege.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post titled, “Struggling To Master This Trendy White-Shaming Thing.   3,631 more words

Jacob Zuma

Race, Rape And Reprobates - Part II

Continued From Previous

City Press published an online story about the hostel gang-rape of a black student by his white school seniors. Understandably, everyone in blogosphere and social media world has been outraged and disgusted.   3,802 more words

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The collapse of the Wolmaransstad municipality

Fear and Loathing in Wolmaransstad: The catastrophe of a collapsed municipality.

The following story is so outrageous that it could only be true. It’s about the mismanagement of a small town in the North West and how political patronage and factional loyalty trumps competent governance and common sense. 1,439 more words


The selective moral outrage of Trevor Manuel

FEATURE: Trevor Manuel has made a point over the last two years of openly criticising the ANC and the ANC government on a range of different issues. 1,342 more words


Jacob Zuma on cadre deployment in 1999

SERIES: The instantaneous and dramatic nature of current affairs lends itself to a kind of historical amnesia, one where the captivating nature of those things unfolding today, causes one to forget the bigger picture. 2,152 more words

Jacob Zuma

South African Political Dictionary: Cadre employment and cadre deployment

SERIES: I have noticed over the past few weeks a number of political analysts and commentators using the phrase ‘cadre employment’ when, in fact, they mean ‘cadre deployment’. 725 more words