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The rise and rise of computer aided engineering

Computers are now so widely used as an aid to engineering design that it’s easy to think things were always done this way. That’s far from true, as Ken Christie of EPLAN explains before going on to discuss the benefits offered by the best of today’s CAE systems and providing a glimpse of what engineers can expect in the future. 996 more words

Electrical Engineering



adjective:admirable (“obdivuhodny”; arousing)

adverb:admirably (“obdivuhodne”; remarkably)

noun: admiration (“obdiv”; respect and warm approval)


Phrasal verb: lean on

“to try to influence someone by putting pressure on them” “to try to make someone do what you want by threatening or persuading them”

ex.:  16 more words


Hello world!

Too shy to speak English? Then you are right and more than welcome on this website where you can find, I believe, very useful tips and advice! 65 more words


If I were a mermaid

Or, another day in delusionville…..

Another preview from We Love Role-Play….and who hasn’t sat in the tub dreaming of being a mermaid (or merman….no judging).  A disclaimer needs to addressed as to the bubbles coming out of the Nomad pipe (man, I love steampunky stuff)….those are my bubbles…I’m a non-smoker and bubbles are healthier (I think…and besides, that’s what a mermaid would be blowing out of a pipe…right?).  171 more words

We Love Role-Play

Moral Dilemmas: speaking activity

The aim of this speaking activity is for students to discuss what they would in four different situations. Suitable for levels intermediate – advanced, adults and older teenagers. 264 more words


Snacks Down Under!

Dozens of students took part in our Aussie Food Tasting today – and the results were overwhelmingly positive! Except for, perhaps, when it came to tasting Vegemite for the first time :) 18 more words