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Celebrating “Lisa the Vegetarian,” the Simpsons Episode That Changed the Image of Vegetarians on TV

When Paul and Linda McCartney agreed to appear on The Simpsons, showrunner David Mirkin decided to buy the proud vegetarians a gift.

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Who are we responsible for in the age of mass migration?

The tragic conflict in Syria and Iraq is dramatically intensifying. More than 12 million Syrians (out of a population of 22 million) have been displaced. Roughly 8 million of these were internally displaced as of July 2015, with another 4 million registered as refugees in neighbouring countries. 8 more words


CAE Transformation 2nd Booklet 37

37. His chances of survival are thought to be slim.


People think that ________________________________________________________ surviving.

Can you complete the sentence using the given word? You can use between three and six words, which must include the given word, and the meaning must be as close as possible to the first sentence.

Keyword Transformations

The Teachings of Don Carlos

Journalist Mike Sager originally wrote this article in 1999 as a long project for Rolling Stone. When the magazine killed the story for lack of page space ─ not an uncommon practice in magazine publishing ─ Sager published it in his first collection Scary Monsters and Super Freaks. 9 more words


The Politics of Poetry

The essay below is excerpted from David Orr’s 2011 book Beautiful & Pointless: A Guide to Modern Poetry. Orr writes the On Poetry column for The New York Times, and an earlier version of this essay appeared in Poetry Magazine. 9 more words


Save the Universe

We are doomed. Our best efforts to reproduce, to conserve, protect and survive will, in the end, come to nought. We could sort out climate change, dispose of our nuclear arsenals, ban research into killer AIs, and still the end would come, as surely as night follows day. 9 more words