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Hebrew childbirth or die trying

‘I want to give birth like the Hebrew women, or I’ll die trying. And even if I don’t die, and my baby ends up being born disabled, it’d have been worth it in the end, because I did it like a bawse Hebrew woman.’ 455 more words


Cesarean Section –How did it derive its name?

There are many popular misconceptions about the name “Cesarean Section”. These days, people across the globe are quite aware about the existence and common usage of this particular procedure, but do not know how this name came into being. 465 more words

Pregnancy Tips

Coming to terms with a caesarean section & coping in the aftermath

Giving birth to a child is supposed to be one of the most amazing experiences of a woman’s life. The ability of your body to cope with incredible pain, the endurance to cope with a labour that can go on for days and come out the other side knowing that you f***ing did it! 1,200 more words


Should we think of birth as normal, or as dangerous?

A few weeks ago I gave a talk to a group of health professionals about the impact of a traumatic birth on relationships. At the end of the talk, an obstetrician in the audience took me gently to task for using the phrase “when birth goes wrong”: problems such as retained placenta or postpartum haemorrhage were so commonplace, she said, that they were a routine part of the experience, rather than a sign of something going wrong. 701 more words

When childbirth goes badly wrong: one woman's account

Nilufer Atik has written a striking account of her experience of PTSD after childbirth. Atik was in labour for 53 hours, after which she was given an emergency caesarean. 458 more words

Taking the Plunge

2017 is going well, despite the shakey start. My year began with some impressive stealth puking as I tried to hide my hideous hogmanay hangover from the family. 469 more words