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My c-section story

Just read this beautiful article on caesarean births., and wanted to share my own story. 384 more words

Premature Baby

WHO (10 April 2015): Perform Caesarean sections only when medically necessary; Use Robson Classification

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently (10 April 2015) issued a statement regarding  the globally rising caesarean section rates.

Key messages:

Ideal Caesarean Section (CS) rates: 442 more words


The obstetrician’s dark gallery

The writer Anne Lamott tells her writing students that they should always write out of vengeance, as long as they are nice about it. I mainly write out of a longing to make sense out of things, but maybe there is room for improvement.  1,777 more words

Why shame has no place in childbirth

An article on an Australia news site has made me think about how why shame is so often associated with giving birth.

The author, Kim Lock, argues that “shame” is a word that “crops up frequently when we talk about childbirth.” She says that anyone who criticises high rates of intervention in childbirth, or the prevalence of caesarean sections, is liable to be accused of shaming women. 729 more words

Birth plans

When I mentioned my birth plan to my doctor, she cringed.  She said that every time someone came to her with a birth plan, things did not go according to that plan. 550 more words

Birth Plan

Baby, Silas Philips, hailed a 'medical miracle'... born still within his amniotic sac

Daily Mail: His hands and feet were clearly visible – but baby Silas Philips was in no rush to enter the world.

Born still inside his amniotic sac, he has since been described as a ‘medical miracle’ by doctors. 57 more words