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Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week - Bipolar Affective Disorder and PND

Rhianna, 37 is mum to Tomas, 8 months. Having been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder at the age of 21, she was aware of the increased risk of experiencing postnatal depression. 828 more words



World, please welcome my two new nephews. Hugo and Gavin.

Born exactly two weeks ago, only eight hours apart, from my two sisters. Yes, you heard me. 449 more words

Forceps, fractures and the impact of traumatic birth - Jaymee's story

I was in the labour ward and I was pushing even though I couldn’t feel anything. The midwives said to me “the baby is posterior” and that I needed help if things were going to happen.

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Motherhood in the fast lane - Cara

I’d come to Asia 30 and single. After a tough first year in Jakarta, I started dating and found myself in the arms of a tall, dark footballer – it wasn’t to be but was fun while it lasted.

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Using a sling after a Caesarean section - can you do it?

One of the most common questions I am asked or see posted on babywearing forums and Facebook groups is: “Can I use a sling I have had a caesarean?” 1,091 more words

Babywearing Education

Emotional Healing after Childbirth Workshop, 14th November, Charlestown

This workshop is for women who have given birth within the last 5 years and who feel they could benefit from emotional processing around the birth or parts of the birth that might have been difficult, confusing, disappointing or traumatic. 134 more words


Moms now able to see their baby's very first moments during C-section

SASKATOON – It’s something that has never been experienced in operating rooms before, until now. A clear drape option during caesarean sections will allow a mother to see her baby the moment he or she is born. 445 more words