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Do Caesareans make it easier for tiny babies?

When unborn babies are very small their mothers are often given a Caesarean in the belief that their babies won’t be able to cope with conventional labour. 94 more words

Caseload Midwifery: The Reciprocal Midwife-Mother Relationship

The perception of what it would be like to be a caseload midwife is often that it involves working 24/7, lots of overtime, no work/life balance and the inability to spend any time with family, which admittedly does sound pretty awful. 1,069 more words

Caseload Midwifery

Melatonin and Caesareans

Melatonin is a hormone that plays an important part in regulating people’s body clocks. In this study Muberra Namli Kalem, from Liv Hospital in Ankara, led a team of researchers looking into the differences in melatonin levels in the colostrum of mothers who had had their babies conventionally compared to those whose babies had been delivered by Caesarean section. 56 more words

A 5 year old story.

My exploration into Buddhism – Part 1 – Processing trauma

I, maker of lists am seeking out stillness of mind.
I, unable-to-sit-on-my-ass extraordinaire, am (trying to) learn meditation and am reaching for ways to calm my zipping thoughts. 1,462 more words

Michel Odent Speaks Out About Caesareans

Michel Odent, the man who, in the words of the Guardian, “encouraged women to experience pain-free labour in warm pools of water and was the first to write about the importance of placing newborn babies to the breast” has now warned about the dangers to the human race of the rise in caesarean sections. 877 more words

High Intervention Birth and Mother's Mood

Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, PhD, IBCLC, FAPA and Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg, MD, PhD examine how high intervention births put mental health at risk and how to help mothers who have them. 1,350 more words


If Americans Love Moms, Why Do We Let Them Die?

While maternal mortality rates have plunged around the world, they’ve climbed in the United States.

Published: July 29, 2017 at 05:30AM

Opinion By NICHOLAS KRISTOF… 65 more words