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She said... Surgery In, Surgery Out

I’m no stranger to surgery. In fact, I’m sure in my life time I have had more surgeries than most. This does not stop me from being nervous and doesn’t stop me from hoping that I don’t need one. 1,053 more words


Why C-Sec??

This post might be an arguable one, even from the ones who willingly chose C-Sec over Normal birth for “comfort”& “modernization” (as described).

Yes, Caesarean is often termed as a modern way of birthing entailing full comfort to mother & many health practitioners making their motives turn greener than ever by convincing “to-be moms” & if not in an easier way, it goes the other way by introducing some or the other unknown complications to the precious pregnancies where none from mother to grand mom to father wants any sort of risk. 867 more words

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Introduction: Poster Child

When my wife, Ilene, and I relocated from San Francisco to Jacksonville, Florida, in July of 2001, we bought a Honda Odyssey from the dealer on Atlantic Boulevard. 1,153 more words

Caesarean on demand

Better unsaid

In 2011 the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s (NICE) Caesarean section guideline (here & NICECS) startled obstetricians; the authors had discovered a “right” to give birth that way. 701 more words

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A Victorian heroine

Mary Leslie (1863-1927) was a true working-class battler; she is one of my historical heroines. A recent visit to a remarkable medical museum – of which more later – brought her to mind. 1,603 more words


Perinatal Depression and Anxiety Awareness Week - Bipolar Affective Disorder and PND

Rhianna, 37 is mum to Tomas, 8 months. Having been diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Disorder at the age of 21, she was aware of the increased risk of experiencing postnatal depression. 828 more words


Forceps, fractures and the impact of traumatic birth - Jaymee's story

I was in the labour ward and I was pushing even though I couldn’t feel anything. The midwives said to me “the baby is posterior” and that I needed help if things were going to happen.

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