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Alice Forrest: The Midwife's Tale Oral History Collection

During research for their book, Billie Hunter and Nicky Leap interviewed mothers as well as midwives and nurses, in order to gain a well rounded picture of pregnancy, childbirth, and pre and post natal care before the NHS. 1,518 more words

Heritage Collection

Northern route vs. southern route

Given the choice of delivery method, I’d go with the stork every time. But limited to the more barbaric options of squeeze vs. scalpel, the lesser evil is less obvious. 1,066 more words


And then came baby

As a big believer in Murphy’s Law, I knew all along that I shouldn’t have bothered writing a birth plan. But it’s what you’re supposed to do, according to the prenatal classes…and with Andrew egging me on too, I finally caved and banged out a simple bullet list. 1,504 more words

Caesarean section surgical techniques: 3 year follow-up of the CORONIS fractional, factorial, unmasked, randomised controlled trial

full-text @http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2816%2900204-X/fulltext


The CORONIS trial reported differences in short-term maternal morbidity when comparing five pairs of alternative surgical techniques for caesarean section. Here we report outcomes at 3 years follow-up. 374 more words


Little man is better

We brought little man to see the midwife again when he was 11 days old. He lost quite a bit of weight when he was admitted to hospital. 290 more words


Meeting my little man

After months of waiting, we are finally meeting our little man. This pregnancy had been difficult for me and hubby. To start, it has been a very long wait for me to become pregnant, then the horrible sickness, followed by high-risk Down’s syndrome screening with amniocentesis, huge fibroids, and last but not least the forever lasting hip/back pain and paraesthesia. 670 more words


Steroid injection

Two more days and I’ll be meeting the little man. I am absolutely excited to meet him but also terrified of having another caesarean section. 215 more words