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As happens every time I think I’ll write about a show I end up starting and never getting around to finishing. It’s been months since this show. 535 more words

Noise Pop Presents Dave B

Wed Mar 28

Noise Pop Presents

Dave B




Cafe du Nord

2174 Market Street

San Francisco, CA 94114

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SF Show of the Week // GO4FREE to Paul Oakenfold at 1015 Folsom 1/27 (SAT)

Written by Chandler Kirkman //

Paul Oakenfold //
1015 Folsom – San Francisco
January 27th, 2018 //

Paul Oakenfold can easily be seen as an electronic music legend. 400 more words

The Independent

Henry Jamison: "Well if all is fair in love and war then I don't know what we are fighting for; So if we don't care to fight no more let's go upstairs and let's shut the door" - Live at Cafe Du Nord (Sept 15, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

This talented New England troubadour (Henry Jamison) wears his heart out on his sleeve with this “ode to delirium” about a girl he was after but who still had feeling for someone else (gets real good at 1:50 in!). 299 more words