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Diary - More Writing, More Reading

Yesterday I woke up at the usual time but, when I went to wake Anna up, she decided to sleep a little later, so by the time I’d sat with her whilst she ate breakfast and then washed up, it was quite late in the morning. 180 more words


Diary - Walking Along the River

Yesterday I woke up at 6 but it wasn’t a running day so I got some writing done after breakfast and before Anna got up. Although she didn’t originally plan to, Anna decided to go into uni, so left me reading on the balcony. 295 more words


Diary - Cafe Nero Pt.II

Yesterday I went to Cafe Nero for the second day in a row – no wonder I’m running low on loyalty cards! In the morning I got up at the usual time and, once Anna was up, we set off first to the post office, then to Halfords, to collect her bike. 268 more words


Diary - We Rescued a Plant

This morning I forgot to write the diary again! Yesterday morning, after writing my diary entry, I continued with the freeCodeCamp weather app, but to be honest I’ve not made much headway, which is slightly frustrating, especially as I’m not even sure which element of the project is the problem, so I’m going to have to really strip it back to work out where I’ve gone wrong. 442 more words


Cafe Nero Mobile App (Android)

During this month I have been using Cafe Nero’s brand new Mobile Phone App and today I visited Cafe Nero in Eastbourne.

It was early evening when I walked into Nero’s and it was quieter than usual. 188 more words



via Daily Prompt: Prudent

On my second cafe mocha of the week or more importantly taking time out to look after myself. I simply do not do this often enough. 81 more words

Daily Prompt

Greggs: Caffeine fueled taste test

The fair trade fortnight began February 27th and ends this Sunday (March 12th). Fairtrade Fortnight is a fun-filled highlight of the year, when campaigners, businesses, schools and places of worship show their support for the farmers and workers who grow our food in developing countries. 912 more words