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Places to write

As I have explained in previous posts and on my Twitter feed I do favour writing in coffee shops. Where I was once able to write alone at home I find I now need people and noise around me. 413 more words


Two Dogs. Two Dudleys

In this particular week, the ‘Stare of the Dog’ was spotted glancing up at me from the other side of a body board, for Dudley had gamely decided to join us in the surf. 811 more words

Labrador Retriever

Thursday's Doors - Brotherly Love, Adelphi Bank, Liverpool

I had just finished a blog about the Adelphi Bank and its Brotherly Love Doors when I came upon Norm 2.0’s Thursday’s Doors.

So I thought I’d pull out a few of the photos and included them into this post. 70 more words


Coffee shops and non-dairy milks

I applaud how many non-dairy milks are offered by coffee shops these day, even tiny ones offer soya milk at least.

However – there’s always a however, now – they don’t all offer unsweetened non-dairy milks. 358 more words

Cafe Nero's Friendly Doors

The Cafe Nero in Castle Street, Liverpool used to be the home of the Adelphi Bank. Founded in 1862 and named after the Greek word for brothers or siblings.  1,154 more words


Cafe Nero Mobile App (Android)

During this month I have been using Cafe Nero’s brand new Mobile Phone App and today I visited Cafe Nero in Eastbourne.

It was early evening when I walked into Nero’s and it was quieter than usual. 188 more words



via Daily Prompt: Prudent

On my second cafe mocha of the week or more importantly taking time out to look after myself. I simply do not do this often enough. 81 more words

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