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Coffee With Oprah

When I was in high school I developed a crush on Oprah, not in the creepy sorta way, but more woah when I get older I want to age like her, with a sense of calm and poise kinda way. 906 more words


Menu baru, Putu 8 Sambal

Bersiaplah untuk merasakan sensasi menu baru dari Kedai Noni, PUTU 8 SAMBAL.

Kalian bisa menikmati sajian Putu yang diolah dari ketan berkualitas, disajikan dengan sensasi 10 sambal yang bisa kalian pilih, mulai dari Sambal Duo, Sambal Teri, Sambal Roa, Sambal Ikan, Sambal Ikan Asin, Sambal Terasi, Sambal Udang, dan Sambal Tempe. 40 more words

The Farmer's Daughter

Woah, let’s take a drive to the Midlands in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa shall we. It’s an hour and a half from my residence in Durban and an easy day trip to experience all that is Autumn in our gem of a country. 106 more words


Feeling Right at Home in Brasov.

As I sit in my favorite Romanian coffee shop in Brasov, Kafe Pub,  I say to the waiter multumesc when he serves me my coconut cafe, I can’t help but noticed something different within in myself. 260 more words


Concept Branding: Sweet & Bitter (Part 2)

This article is a continuation of the concept design of a café. It will discuss the development of the physical aspects of the branding identity, in reference to writing paper and packaging design. 234 more words

Yumna Motala

Love Coffee

Quirky coffee shop missions around the city, Durban,  continue. Love Coffee it is.

We find ourselves along the upper part of Lilian Ngoyi road (previously Windermere) at a tiny cafe with a wooden exterior and a large yellow trademark heart that spills out onto the road. 125 more words


The Cat Cafe

Hi all!

Recently I visited The Cat Cafe, a pet cafe, for the first time and I was really excited as I am a huge lover of cats and dogs.  326 more words