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The deadline coffee

Ever been there, I guess: yes! Basically the work is done, it just needs a quick check and then it is off, just in time. Well the quick check turns out to be a rather long one, layout doesn’t work the way you want it, the formerly turned off autocorrect turned itself on again, automatically turning your carefully formulated sentences into a hot mess and to top it off… another important idea just crossed your mind which needs to be incorporated in this hot mess. 102 more words


It's Time for Coffee! Or Maybe Some Tea...

It’s Time for Coffee! Or Maybe some Tea…

I know all I talk about is coffee and really it’s a recent love of mine so you know I wanna talk about it but my first love was really tea (and being the very shy, introverted child I was I never talked about it then.) I loved tea, but only after I realised that Orange Pekoe was not the only leaf on the tree. 299 more words