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The Countdown – Vlog 221

The one with the countdown to heaven…

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Bangkok, Penguin-Style, Creme Caramel in the Grumpy Dwarf Oven; The Cancerous Beating Heart of Europa, Potty Training for the Egotistically Challenged, and No Chance of a Nifty Badge

In terms of excuses for not blogging my boots off of late (who am I kidding? The last time I wore boots was those silver moonboot UGGs I bought back in Oz, earning the ankle-stigmata of the unbroken-in shoes from tramping round Sydney solidly for 2 weeks. 1,293 more words

A Taste of Vietnam: My favorite eats in Hoi An, and Saigon. (Ft. My banh mi, and iced coffee addictions)

I landed in Da Nang already hungry, but was determined to avoid airport food and wait to eat after checking into my hostel in Hoi An. 1,256 more words

Inspiration comes from many places

“When you can’t change the direction of the wind – adjust your sails.”- H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Traveling around Greater Victoria in search of quality coffee… 778 more words

Plunging into coziness

Few hours ago I was watching a Taiwanese drama, ‘The Good Wife’…the scene is of the husband looking into the wife’s diary and reading mundane details of how she spent her day and realises that the diary is full of trivial days just the way the wife mentions to him earlier. 254 more words


My Husband Hates Cafes

Frequent readers of this blog, and people who know myself and my husband well, know two things about us. One, I enjoy working in cafes and Two, my husband does not like cafes  at all. 285 more words

Life & General

Aviary Coffee House, Wentworth Point.

Bianca: Going back, say 10 years. Wentworth Point was mostly populated by huge factories with a steady stream of trucks rolling in and out for their daily commute. 520 more words

Restaurant Reviews