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This extra-fancy new Tokyo Yoshinoya is now one of our favorite Tokyo cafes to chill at【Photos】

Yes, you can get beef bowls, but there’re also desserts, unlimited coffee refills, and everything mobile workers and students need. 600 more words


Going out for home cooking

One of the most interesting things about Reading’s recent rise as a location for excellent independent eating opportunities is the number of places that have women in a leading role: running, cooking and/or front of house. 2,575 more words


Eating at Namdaemun Market

Eating at Namdaemun Market

Note: I have a lot of photos for this, so enjoy scrolling through.

This wonderfully colorful and crowded market in Seoul is a feast for the senses. 330 more words


[Visit Jeju Island] Spaghetti Squash Cafe

Squash noodles are low in calories, rich in fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals, and taste great. This is an environment friendly, local crop. Spaghetti Squash Cafe is a unique cafe that serves items featuring noodles made with squash. 44 more words

Jeju Travel

The Chaiwala

Chaiwala has recently opened another outlet in South Calcutta which is Located at Hindustan Park, opposite to Lake School,Girls. Talking about the ambience, it’s not that attractive but it is a quiet cozy place for teenagers to spend their gala time. 105 more words


3 განსხვავებული და ორიგინალური კაფე პარიზში, რომელსაც აუცილებლად უნდა ეწვიო

პარიზში ფრანგული სული თუ გინდა შეიგრძნო, მაშინ ეიფელს და ლუვრს უნდა გასცდე და დაიწყო შენი პირადი ემოციების აღმოჩენა. იხეტიალო გრძელ ქუჩებზე, სადაც დილას გამომცხვარი კრუასანების და ბაგეტების სურნელი მაცდურად შეგიტყუებს ბულანჟერეაში, აქ მომღიმარი ფრანგი გოგონა მოგესალმება და გემრიელ ყავასაც მოგიმზადებს. 330 more words


Help with Micrographia

I often hear people talking about how sad and frustrated they are with how small their handwriting is. The abnormally small handwriting that people with Parkinson’s experience is called micrographia, and can be one of the early signs of Parkinson’s. 435 more words

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