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Unappealing cafeteria food fails to promote students' health

AP Lang Student

Students nationwide generally agree that cafeteria food is rather unpleasant. An anonymous underclassman resignedly said that she was not happy with the cafeteria food due to its unusual taste, “but it’s better than not having a lunch.” On the opposite side of the country, east coast students feel the same way we do about school food. 732 more words

Sword And Shield

Oh, The Food...

I just realized that I have not given a truly autobiographical post in quite some time so here goes. This one is about my college years and particularly how I earned a major portion of the money needed to pay for my education. 612 more words


The Adventures of Mollie K - Chapter 6

The room where Mollie was to spend the rest of the year — or more — was on the first floor of the four-story middle school dormitory, a ten-minute walk from the main school building. 2,197 more words


Today's Food & Shit

Usually I’d have a side eye about the food, but today is my happy day. REGULAR FOOD!!! 😁☺️😀
Rice is rice, but the second dish is always what gets to me. 497 more words

Did You Know That Pork Chops Taste Good?

For the first nineteen years of her life, Ariel Bates was never able to understand why people made such a big deal over food. They acted as though eating was all they lived for; while for Ariel she just ate to live. 452 more words