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Made it!

I feel like I am on Google Maps and Siri says “You have arrived”. I’ve finally made it!

I’m pretty sure if the flight over here didn’t kill me, I will be fine for the rest of the trip. 935 more words

Cafeteria Food

Building resiliency

That’s what I’m supposed to be teaching the first graders–how to be resilient. I’ve had to take a dose of my own “medicine” the past two weeks as the school’s oven has gone kaput. 272 more words


What Are They Feeding You?

What Are They Feeding You?

By Sami Donovan

You’ve heard those nasty rumors about the cafeteria food, the ones that have been around since kindergarten? We’ve all heard them, such as the milk being old and like cottage cheese, or the cheese on sandwiches sticking to the roof or bouncing like a bouncy ball…well if you do your research you can learn what we are being fed, somewhat. 488 more words

Campus News

What Are We Eating?

Contributor, Blake Ellis
Senior, Scotland High School

It’s not a secret that a good percentage of Scotland High School’s student population refuse to eat the lunch that the school has so generously provided for us. 751 more words

Student Life

Cafeteria Chronicles: School Lunches from Around the World

During grade school, lunchtime could pretty much make or break your day. If you stepped foot into the cafeteria to the smell of fish sticks and meatloaf, your day was going to suck. 454 more words


Proof Is In The Pork

(Photo Courtesy of Adam Ewing)

By Adam Ewing

Edited by Abigail Chadwick

Eating cafeteria food for the past two weeks quickly became uninspiring. So I decieded it was time to give my taste buds a sample of the food scene in Shawnee. 283 more words

Out And About

Lunch in a foreign land

I’ve grown quite fond of Czech lunches, but it occurs to me that many of my friends back home may be surprised to see what exactly we eat here at midday. 578 more words