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Life and Vegetarian Times at Richmond U

7:30 in the morning, last night’s toke aroma still lingers in the air. And again, I resist my inherited hippie urges. Today needs to be productive like yesterday. 920 more words


Michelle Ma Belle Is PISSED At Trump!

Don’t mess with big mama! That’s the word coming out of Michelle Ma Belle Obama these days. Oh, she’s pissed at Donald Trump. Why? Simple…he’s messing with her school lunch program. 487 more words

Cafeteria Chronicles

Nachos. That chicken was insane and the cheese was on point. I can’t stop using scorpion pepper sauce on this for which I have to have sour cream. 28 more words


A Balanced Diet

The word diet has a negative connotation. I have done the extreme calorie counting and dieting is equivocal to no fun at all. In college it is especially hard to keep track of what I am eating and it is easy to lose sight of my long term fitness goals when the cafeteria meal plan includes an endless supply of frozen yogurt… 265 more words

The Struggles of Cafeteria Food

If you ever attended a public school, there is a very big chance you encountered some bad cafeteria food, ya know, the food that makes you question… 666 more words

College Students

Unappealing cafeteria food fails to promote students' health

AP Lang Student

Students nationwide generally agree that cafeteria food is rather unpleasant. An anonymous underclassman resignedly said that she was not happy with the cafeteria food due to its unusual taste, “but it’s better than not having a lunch.” On the opposite side of the country, east coast students feel the same way we do about school food. 732 more words

Sword And Shield

Oh, The Food...

I just realized that I have not given a truly autobiographical post in quite some time so here goes. This one is about my college years and particularly how I earned a major portion of the money needed to pay for my education. 612 more words