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You Say It's a Biscuit

Today at lunch, one of my friends was talking about how their mom made biscuits last weekend, and this other guy kept calling them ‘muffins,’ for some reason. 418 more words

Food And Dining

UC Berkeley: Changing the way I think about Cafeteria Food

When I reflect back on the lunch I had on Friday, I realize how much has changed since my college cafeteria days. I intentionally made a point to visit UC Berkeley’s student union dining room for… 509 more words

CSI Cafeteria Wants to Hear From YOU!

Dining Services Makes an Effort to Respond to Feedback

By: Lucia Rossi

What is that delicious smell coming from the kitchen? That is the inviting and exciting stench of change. 507 more words


GSIS students, too critical on J&J Catering?

William Lee, News Writer

Ever looked at your lunch tray and felt disappointed? Well, you’re not alone. Cafeteria food has always been a serious debate among International School students, especially between GSIS students. 531 more words


Jelloponically Blown

Today’s strip continues this week’s dumb one-off jokefest by having Logan Church join Progressively-Lumpier Black Guy and Preschooler Bernie Silver. Batiuk shows his lack of range by putting Logan in the now Westview woman uniform colors of magenta and black. 99 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Brown bag it, dumbasses

Today’s strip shows Batiuk at his most daring – a strip about how cafeteria food is terrible! Who else but Batiuk would have the fortitude to take on this controversial, multitudinous topic? 71 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

7 Ways to Increase Sales in Your Hospital Cafeteria

In the past few years, many hospitals have revamped their retail cafeteria by introducing healthy locally sourced meals to maximize sales and profit. Sixty-four percent… 522 more words