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Did You Know That Pork Chops Taste Good?

For the first nineteen years of her life, Ariel Bates was never able to understand why people made such a big deal over food. They acted as though eating was all they lived for; while for Ariel she just ate to live. 452 more words

mid-week round-up

What’s everyone up to this week? My sister and her friend came for a visit over the weekend, and we had a great time exploring the huge park in my neighborhood and eating… 179 more words

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Who cares its Cafeteria Food

I personally don’t care about the school food. Sometimes it’s really bad and sometimes it is good. Here’s the menu.


Cafeteria Food

The cafeteria offers a variety of food.  Some of the food is good and some of the food it not as enjoyable.   I personally have not tried the school food for quite a while, but I have heard from students that breakfast is the best part of the food offered at the school.   176 more words


Cafeteria food.

It sucks. It’s either under-cooked or burnt. Waste of time and money. Was better till Michelle Obama made the schools change what they had to serve. 16 more words

Cafeteria Food

Lots of Lunch and Some DC Things

Week 2 of the new job and 4th to last week of this year’s project. Working keeps me pretty busy and I don’t do much that is too exciting after I leave for the day. 345 more words