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Using Caffe with your own dataset – Medium

What a time to be alive! We have a lot of tutorials for Tensorflow, Keras, Torch, even Caffe, but most of them use standard datasets as… 8 more words


Un Caffe'? Why not

Caffè (pronounced ) is the Italian word for coffee and probably originates from “Kaffa”, the region in Ethiopia where coffee originated. Caffè may refer to the Italian way of preparing a coffee, an espresso, or occasionally used as a synonym for the European coffee bar.

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How to Speak Coffee

I’m a big Starbucks fan. How basic right?- Oh well! Yes their drinks are ridiculously over-priced considering their counterparts, but that’s just the problem- their counterparts’ products don’t compare. 986 more words

Che Serpeggia Attraverso


I’m continuing to fall in love with this city. The more I’ve been able to walk around and experience, the more connected I feel to it and the more it draws me in. 2,394 more words


Poursuivons votre éveil à la culture italienne. Aujourd’hui, il était temps que je vous parle caffè (prononcer “cafaiiii”, en trainant sur le son “èèè”) ! En Italie, on ne trouve pas forcément plus de machines à café que par chez nous. 87 more words


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Il Primo Giorno


My first day in Rome has been wonderful. Right after landing at Fiumicino, I had a feeling everything would be great. It was an easy process getting from the airport to our apartments in Trastevere thanks to our host Francesco. 237 more words