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Hollywood's #1 Caffe

Urth Caffe has been known to be one of Los Angeles’s hotspots, attracting many customers throughout the day.  At some locations you may even see a few of your favorite young celebrities come in for a quick bite with friends.   250 more words

Nuova Simonelli: scienze e tecnologia per sviluppare il mondo del caffe'

Ci sono abitudini nella nostra vita, che non si vogliono perdere. Pur vivendo a New York, ho deciso di non voler rinunciare all’odore che la mattina si sprigiona in casa quando preparo il caffè con la mia moka italiana. 522 more words

Discovermarche ITALIANO

126. Mellow Coffee, Gimhae (Review)

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the coffee culture in South Korea knows that competition is cutthroat. There are just too many places around for half-assery to take place. 370 more words


120.-125. (Simile, Koam Ba Nyong, Cafe the Red, 3C Cafe Cozy Container, Cafe 5 Tak Koo, Runway and Coffee)

The following are an assortment of cafes located in the Jeonpo Cafe Street area, near Seomyeon in Busan, Korea’s second largest city, located along the coast in the southeast. 235 more words


All the Coffee in Seoul (114.-119.)

I recently took a very quick trip out to Seoul for a wedding. While the time in the Digital Media City area was very brief, I was still able to capture a few fanciful coffee spots to get the ball rolling on our capital city coverage of all the coffee in Korea. 180 more words


La Cannuccia, C. del Lago

Winter arrived today, so say the Italians, as the winds were strong and the dark clouds made the temperatures drop. Suddenly, fashion consisted of turtlenecks, an abundance of scarves, and “puffy” (down) coats and jackets. 619 more words

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Caffe Vergnano

(Source: www.timeout.com)

Italy’s oldest coffee roaster has landed in Singapore. Forget Third Wave – Caffe Vergnano has been a part of coffee culture since 1882, when Dominico Vergnano first started the company in the small town of Cheri in the foothills of Turin. 84 more words