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The Café Erde - The Vegan Center in the Heart of Graz

The vegan Café Erde is a healthy/organic place, named after ‘Erde’, the German term for ‘earth’, located right at Andreas-Hofer-Platz in the Center of Old Town of Graz. 226 more words



Here is one of my favorite desserts and I’m sure it’s the favorite of many of you. If you look for its recipe in any recipe book or online, you will find an infinite number of different ways to make it. 171 more words


Coffee, a concise travel from the African plateaus to the modern gyms

The exact discovery of this well-known plant remains in the shadows, but there is a great bunch of legends about its origins. The first and probably most famous one traces its origins in the Ethiopian plateau, locating Africa as the born native countries. 1,189 more words


Cafè La Tea: A Place to Be

Caffe La Tea Cagayan de Oro is their first branch outside Luzon and they brought with them their signature Arabica + Robusta roast.They can be located on Hayes Street at the Ground Floor of Monte Carlo 11 building. 184 more words


Caffe Installation

Today we will go through installation of Caffe in Debian/Ubuntu with support for OpenCV, Python3 and Multithreading. Lets get started 256 more words


Äiti ja iskä

Äiti ja iskä kävivät kylässä. He olivat täällä sunnuntaista keskiviikkoon, jonka jälkeen suuntasivat minilomalle Rivaan. Vaikka minun piti opiskella samaaan aikaan, kerkesimme näkeään hyvin paljon. Voisin melkein väittää, että he eivät täysin päässeet tutustumaan Trenton autenttiseen olemukseen, koska kiertelimme enempi kauoungin ympärillä. 816 more words