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To My Dearest

Two days without you is far too long to go.

Blood keeps cursing and coursing in spite of your absence, so

I guess this day is just another day… 120 more words

My Poetry

The Science of Caffeine!

Coffee and tea are substances that are enjoyed by many and, for some, is a critical point for beginning the day. But is it really not a good idea to talk to someone who hasn’t had their morning dose of caffeine yet? 2,275 more words


To Coffee or Not to Coffee?

One of my fellow bloggers wrote this article today: https://plus.google.com/116109028715361737056/posts/i2exbvfA67B

It asks the age long question if caffeine is good for migraines or not?

I have constantly had this same debate with myself….does coffee help or hinder? 118 more words

The Energy From The Monster

Yo, I talk about general things. I talk about regular things. I talk about common things. So, being sleep deprived from school I need a little boost. 362 more words

Your Next Drink to the Coffee Shop

Ever wanted to try a different drink than your usual cup of coffee? How about trying one based on your personality? Countless research has been done to see the relation between the type of drinks people favor and their personality. 266 more words

Huh...too much caffeine?

At first glance I read this article from CNN and basically pushed it aside and left it to the hundreds if not thousands of times someone somewhere has told me/us the general population to put the coffee/energy drink down. 197 more words


A Boscanova breakfast

One of my favourite things to do on a lazy weekend day is to walk to Boscombe High St and have a late breakfast at Boscanova. 178 more words