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The Culture of the “The Other White Meat”

It is the catchphrase that everyone knows especially if you are a kid of the 80s “Pork- The Other White Meat”. Ad campaigns ran on TV and in the grocery stores. 1,760 more words

The Truth About CAFOs


Concentrated animal feeding operations, also known as CAFOs, commonly have a negative reputation in today’s world due to destructive and manipulating publicity released by various anti-ag groups. 571 more words

Helpful Information For Dairy Farm Science Deniers / Facebook Post, Whatcom Hawk, Wendy Harris

Yesterday at 12:37am January 24, 2015  Wendy Harris

A noteworthy exclusion from the “Whatcom Family Dairy” list of haters (lawyers, reporters, activists, government legislators and regulators) who are unfairly accusing innocent dairy farmers of fecal coliform pollution: SCIENTISTS. 440 more words


The Weekly Round Up - The one with corporate farms, more Chipotle, and GMOs.

Finally a dry spell this last week and I still can’t mow my yard! Darn mower! Hopefully a new battery will be the ticket to a freshly-mowed yard this weekend. 138 more words

Food Safety

Meal Plan: July 18 - 26, 2015

This week marks a decisive shift in our eating. I’ll write more about it in future posts, but the short version is that Rebecca and I made a mutual decision to avoid eating animals raised on factory farms. 375 more words

Meal Plan

Residents Are Fed Up With CAFO Developments

On the Delmarva Peninsula the chicken industry has a presence that can be seen from major routes that visitor’s travel to visit our beaches. If one were to take a detour down any side road that presence would be highly notable. 722 more words

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CAFO System Starting to Show Signs of Collapse


By Dr. Mercola

The first large-scale animal factories appeared in the early 1970s,1 and while these initial confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs) were for egg laying hens, pork and beef producers soon followed suit. 2,653 more words