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CAFO seeks to expand in Floyd County; Veterans Affairs OKs van fee; and County Board discusses members letters, opinion writing

CHARLES CITY — Expansion of a confined animal feeding operation in Pleasant Grove Township is on the Floyd County Board of Supervisors agenda Tuesday, April 24. 985 more words

Floyd County

When I read of the possible annihilation of the elephant or the whale or the pouring of oven cleaner or cosmetics into the eyes of live kittens or the close confinement of pigs and calves in lightless pens I feel myself confronted by human stupidity which I recognise as an enemy.

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"Most Importantly: They Need to Taste F%#@ing Good"

by Sam Jones

Okja is a Netflix original film that was released in June 2017 and directed by Bon Joon Ho. While some may characterize it as a dystopian sci-fi film, others recognize it as a commentary on our modern industrial food complex. 1,263 more words


"Praise is a bodily function": CAFOs, cows, and reconciliation of creation

What does it look like for creation to praise God? A recent post by Margaret B. Adam on the Creature Kind blog adapts a sermon she gave, which addresses this very question. 134 more words


Gubernatorial candidate calls for new CAFO moratorium, stricter regulations in Iowa | Iowa & The Midwest | globegazette.com

Alarmed by the seemingly unbridled development of large-scale livestock facilities across rural Iowa, John Norris is calling for a moratorium on new construction and more regulatory authority for county governments. 18 more words


Town of Lincoln Puts Moratorium on Livestock Expansion - Door County Pulse

The Lincoln Town Board passed a one-year moratorium on construction or expansion of existing livestock facilities in the town.

Source: Town of Lincoln Puts Moratorium on Livestock Expansion – Door County Pulse


Editorial: Scott Walker threatens family farms and the environment | Opinion | host.madison.com

Scott Walker wants the ag department rather than the DNR to regulate factory farms. Even Republicans are opposed to that idea — and rightly so. 14 more words