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Unbroken Ground—Revolutions Start From the Bottom

Our food choices are deeply connected to climate change. Food will play a critical role in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. 26 more words


Bad Eggs

You buy organic eggs for any number of reasons, probably related to not wanting to support factory farms that mistreat chickens, pollute the environment and produce eggs that are nutritionally inferior. 363 more words


Dairy Marketing vs. Reality

The great divide between the well-marketed image of Vermont dairy farming and its stark and toxic realities is becoming harder and harder to ignore. The marketing shows healthy cows grazing on lush pastures. 39 more words

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How Cattle and Cowboys Beat the Heat

Let’s face it–this summer has been hot. Like hotter than a firecracker lit on both ends. It’s so hot, I saw two trees fighting over a dog. 450 more words


Animal Food Hierarchy

If you want to Look & Feel Your Best. If you want to manifest your health potential. You have take nutrition seriously. Optimal nutrition comes from feeding your body real whole food that’s appropriate for your metabolism, was raised or grown the way nature intended and manipulated as little as possible. 553 more words


Lifestyle Matters - Chickens & Nutrient Density

No matter what you do, you can’t achieve true health without optimal functioning cells. The cells that make up the tissue, glands, organs and complex systems which drive the metabolic pathways require nutrition along with other factors. 204 more words