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CAFOs: Just about the worst thing on Earth.

Regarding farming, the average American is probably familiar with issues related to pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics, fair-trade, or organic certification. However whenever I bring up CAFOs, most people have no idea what I’m talking about, which is disconcerting because CAFOs are some of the nastiest things on Earth. 1,164 more words


My Journey Towards Wellness

How did I get here?

That is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. How did I go from someone that thought nothing of drinking 3-4 Dr Peppers daily and eating Taco Bell multiple times a week, to someone that reads every label on the overwhelmingly organic food I buy, never (ok maybe once in a  blue moon) drinks soda and knows more acronyms for healthful food than I thought existed 7 years ago. 816 more words

Vast Areas of Michigan Transform from Norman Rockwell Rural to Industrial Horror in Three Years

Author Note: This post received tremendous response last year. Since that time the political mood in Huron county has changed to be more cautious of Big Wind projects. 416 more words


Good News: A new nonprofit has come to Wisconsin’s rescue!

People are always complaining, justifiably so, about how we never hear any “good news” anymore. We don’t hear about all the good deeds and random acts of kindness some folks are doing, about the humble, unsung heroes among us. 2,772 more words

Unbroken Ground—Revolutions Start From the Bottom

Our food choices are deeply connected to climate change. Food will play a critical role in the next frontier of our efforts to solve the environmental crisis. 26 more words


Bad Eggs

You buy organic eggs for any number of reasons, probably related to not wanting to support factory farms that mistreat chickens, pollute the environment and produce eggs that are nutritionally inferior. 363 more words