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Want to purchase meat that does not support CAFOs


I do not want to support a CAFO with my meat purchases. I would like to purchase beef and chicken from a farmer in the Midwest who utilizes a mobile processing unit. 846 more words

Cape Fear River Watch: Advocating for a Bright Future for North Carolina's Largest Watershed

“Support from the Orton Foundation allows Cape Fear River Watch to aggressively fight pollution associated with unsustainable factory farms throughout the watershed. This work is improving the Cape Fear River for all North Carolinians; strengthening our environment, our economy, and our quality of life… 630 more words

Louis Bacon

Hogging Resources

A major concern in North Carolina, specifically SENC, is water and air quality and how concentrated animal feeding areas (CAFOs) are hindering it. More than ten million hogs are raised in North Carolina alone… 395 more words


No harm, no FOWL

Hello all, and welcome back! Thank you as always for continuing to read and support our blog and Globalyze. This week I’m very excited to share with all of you the story of something I hold near and dear to my heart; my chickens. 2,006 more words

Global Issues

The Southern Environment Law Center: Keeping North Carolina CAFOs in check

Here, in post #2 of a focus on The Orton Foundation partner Southern Environment Law Center,  we highlight the SELC’s work in addressing the pollution and injustice caused by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and protecting the air quality, water quality, and natural resources of the lower Cape Fear River. 265 more words


Poultry and Pollution

When it comes to the environment, the public’s attention has been understandably focused on global warming. However, the water pollution problem hasn’t gone away. While many people are aware of the water pollution caused by raising cattle, few are aware that raising chicken is just as bad if not worse. 435 more words


HB 1140, Part 2: Who Has the Right to Appeal?

by Catherine Carter

(This is the second post in a series about HB 1140. You can read the first post here.)

HB 1140 Section 2 amends SDCL 11-2-55 as follows (underlined): “11-2-55.  647 more words

Legislative Update