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Poultry and Pollution

When it comes to the environment, the public’s attention has been understandably focused on global warming. However, the water pollution problem hasn’t gone away. While many people are aware of the water pollution caused by raising cattle, few are aware that raising chicken is just as bad if not worse. 435 more words


HB 1140, Part 2: Who Has the Right to Appeal?

by Catherine Carter

(This is the second post in a series about HB 1140. You can read the first post here.)

HB 1140 Section 2 amends SDCL 11-2-55 as follows (underlined): “11-2-55.  647 more words

Legislative Update

I'm a vegetarian. Here's why.

This was a speech I wrote for a class in October 2015, hoping to encourage my classmates to, at the very least, reduce their consumption of meat and get their meat from sustainable sources. 1,616 more words


Dairy 101

Dairy is a hot topic, no question about it. We all grew up hearing that milk is “nature’s perfect food” and seeing the “Got Milk?” ads on TV. 905 more words

COP21: US Environmental Groups Stand to Benefit from International Commitments

This past week, leaders from across the globe convened in Paris at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to discuss issues critical to the future of our planet. 460 more words

The Moore Charitable Foundation

Christianity and Vegetarianism

It is a well-known fact that multiple groups of people choose to live a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle purely for religious reasons. In Jainism, vegetarianism is mandatory for everyone and in Hinduism it is advocated in many influential scriptures-yet veganism and vegetarianism is not usually connected with Christianity. 1,238 more words


MN Appeals Court Holds County Ordinances Prohibiting New Feedlots in Urban Expansion Districts Did Not Prohibit Permit to Operate Feedlot in Joint Planning Area

Relators Tammy Loncorich and several of her neighbors challenged a conditional use permit granted to respondents Kevin and Kelsey Buss by respondent McLeod County Board of Commissioners. 408 more words

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