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Big, Fat Chickens

You can walk into any large grocery store and buy a factory raised whole chicken for about $1.50 a pound.  Chickens raised on sustainable local farms currently cost close to $3.00 a pound, or more if they are organically raised.   997 more words

Passover: Liberate Yourself from Industrial Food

Our nation is enslaved to an industrial food system that is making us sick and fat. It abuses workers (with many cases of modern day slavery), 837 more words


The Tonka Effect...

I have a memory of a family trip to visit friends in Windsor one summer and while there, driving over the bridge to Detroit for a final lunch. 1,044 more words

A Day In The Life...

South Dakota's County Site Analysis Program

by Meghan Thoreau

Questions and thoughts based from South Dakota Focus aired: 02/12/2015 57:22

(Note: These are questions and thoughts from Meghan about the Department of Agriculture’s promotion of their County Site Analysis Program on SDPB a little over a week ago. 1,986 more words

Legislative Update

Thoughts on the Rally and CAFOs in South Dakota

by Tony Helland

The early morning this past Saturday offered an invigorating chill to our group gathered to rally for safety of South Dakota’s land, water, people. 673 more words

Legislative Update

Collaborating to Improve Hog Farming Practices

As you know, for many years, by partnering with Waterkeeper Alliance, we have been fighting pollution produced by industrial hog farms (aka CAFOs), which keep large numbers of pigs in small, confined places. 309 more words

Ann Colley

Belching Bovines

It boggles the mind that anyone would celebrate their own demise, and yet there exists a now more powerful group of people who are doing just that.   934 more words