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See Sharks from Our Glass Bottom Boat

Our newest Bahamas shark diving adventure features Bimini Blue, an incredible glass-bottom boat operated by our friend  Neal Watson at Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center.   See bull sharks, great hammerheads, tiger sharks and more from our custom-built floating shark cage, or from one of the best dive boats on the planet. 68 more words

Incredible Adventures

Bull Shark Bites Dentist in the Bahamas

A dentist from Texas was bitten by a bull shark last Saturday, while spear fishing and free diving in the Bahamas. Thankfully, he’s OK and doesn’t blame the shark for the incident, since he was holding on to a speared fish at the time. 91 more words

Incredible Adventures

My Favourite Thing in South Africa (and the world!)

I had one focus for coming back to Cape Town: Gansbaai. Gansbaai is a tiny little fishing village a couple of hours drive away, and the locals include the Great White Sharks. 275 more words


I Love Our Shark Boats

A key part of putting together any shark dive adventure is partnering with the right vessel and captain(s). We definitely scored a victory when we found Jose and the Solmar V.  39 more words

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"I'd rather be in shark infested waters than on the safety of that boat"

I looked into his beady, brown eyes with awe. He flashed me a toothy smile as I gave him a little wave. Then he quickly turned away to catch up with his friends. 438 more words


The Beast

This week we went cage diving to see the white sharks. It was an awesome experienced and heres a few facts I learned on our trip: 233 more words

Great White Shark (South Africa)

On our second day of vacation we spent the day cage diving with Great White Sharks off of the coast of Gansbaai in South Africa. Gansbaai is about a two hour drive from Cape Town so it was a bit of a hike after spending 21 hours on a plane over the two days before but my wife and I were both looking forward to it so we decided we had to do it regardless of how ‘painful’ the extra travel might be. 182 more words

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