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I found out about Expert Vagabond adventure travel blog when I was researching on how to earn money from a travel blog.

Matthew Karsten is a full time adventure travel blogger and photographer who’s been exploring the world for over 6 years. 296 more words


Bucket Listing, Shark Swimming

People are either cat people or dog people. I also think people are either shark people or dolphin people. I am definitely a shark person. There is something about the way they move in the water, their intenseness but at the same time their calmness, that really fascinates and terrifies me.

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Not Your Average Diving

You may or may not already have a clue of what these are. These are the different diving(s) there are in the world. There are many but I will be listing the five that I want to try. 877 more words

After training dolphins a few weeks ago, this week’s adventure was cage diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln

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Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites in Cape Town

The opportunity to swim in the ocean with nothing more than a couple inches of steel between myself a Great White shark has long been on my bucket list.Great Whites are painted as the scourge of the ocean and inspire terror among beach goers all over the world. 330 more words


See Sharks from Our Glass Bottom Boat

Our newest Bahamas shark diving adventure features Bimini Blue, an incredible glass-bottom boat operated by our friend  Neal Watson at Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center.   See bull sharks, great hammerheads, tiger sharks and more from our custom-built floating shark cage, or from one of the best dive boats on the planet. 68 more words

Incredible Adventures

Bull Shark Bites Dentist in the Bahamas

A dentist from Texas was bitten by a bull shark last Saturday, while spear fishing and free diving in the Bahamas. Thankfully, he’s OK and doesn’t blame the shark for the incident, since he was holding on to a speared fish at the time. 91 more words

Incredible Adventures