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NZ Day 12: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Day 12: Sharks!

Ever since I created a bucket list years ago in high school there has been one item that has dominated the top of that list and that is cage diving with great whites. 944 more words


The greatest wildlife encounter ever...

Someone recently asked me to recount my best ever wildlife encounter. Since I am constantly seeking them out, they are frequent but it did not take long to narrow it down to one. 848 more words

Chester Moore

Silent hunters

We survived. All limbs still intact, video and photo evidence available, cage diving with Great Whites complete.
It’s odd how the notion of the Great White or Carcharodon Carcharias is so ingrained in our culture and psyche… 708 more words

Shark Cage Diving in South Africa

Mare and I love adrenaline adventures. South Africa’s coastal town of Gansbaii is the place for shark-cage diving. We book it, along with a room at Backpacker’s Hostel in nearby Hermanus, where drunken youths revel in obscenities and keep us awake for two nights. 394 more words

South Africa

Hermanus and Sharks

We made it to South Africa actually feeling somewhat rested and ready to take on a whirlwind tour with our friends Charlie and Torrie. We arrived at the Cape Town International Airport via Johannesburg around 130 pm on January 2nd. 1,235 more words

South Africa