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Cage Diving with Great White Sharks - Dyer Island (Shark Alley) Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai, South Africa is the world’s premier location for spotting great white sharks and is a favorite launching point for some of the spectacular expeditions documented in the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week series. ¬† 1,348 more words

Trip Report

South Africa| Cage Diving with Great Whites 

March 2016.

To be face to face with a Great White Shark has long been on my bucket list. Cape Town is the ideal launch pad for such a trip. 329 more words


Cage Diving with Galapagos Sharks: A Video Diary

If you would have asked me a few months ago if I would cage dive with sharks, the answer would have been a firm no. Haha. 351 more words

Travel Bucket List - Breanne's Top 7 Dream Trips

Two weeks ago, we looked at Earle’s bucket list vacations. Here is a list of the top seven trips I want to make some day. All involve a little adventure, beautiful scenery, and tons of fun! 688 more words


Bucket Listing, Shark Swimming

People are either cat people or dog people. I also think people are either shark people or dolphin people. I am definitely a shark person. There is something about the way they move in the water, their intenseness but at the same time their calmness, that really fascinates and terrifies me.

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Not Your Average Diving

You may or may not already have a clue of what these are. These are the different diving(s) there are in the world. There are many but I will be listing the five that I want to try. 877 more words

After training dolphins a few weeks ago, this week’s adventure was cage diving with great white sharks in Port Lincoln

Things I had no eyed deer about… 1,238 more words