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Grass-fed, Free range, Wild Caught Labeling

As discussed in my previous post, the food labeling industry has all sorts of labels without offering explanations.  We go to the store and see organic, grass-fed, cage free, free range, wild caught labels, but many of us don’t exactly know what they all mean.   291 more words


Mass. ballot push would mandate cage-free eggs

by Joshua Miller

Top state and national animal welfare groups on Wednesday launched a 2016 ballot initiative that would prohibit Massachusetts businesses from selling some meat and eggs from animals kept in small cages and crates. 1,028 more words

Family Safety

Sweet Happy Pigs - Cow on a Cliff, Vermont Food Chronicles(c) 2015

A few minutes spent with Shawn Sweet (Owner of Sweet Happy Farms) and his hogs and flock and you will understand why his animals are so happy!  743 more words

Kitchen Wisdom Gluten Free

Food Labels: the Fact and the Fiction

Packaging & Marketing

As the demand for healthy, organic food rises, more and more companies bring products to the shelves that make claims like “all natural” or “sustainable”. 800 more words

The Egg Debate: Farm vs. Pasture

At the store I saw these eggs that were labeled for me, the non-GMO, pasture raised chicken. The chicken were never fed corn and they gave you the date that they were laid which meant that I had to have them! 814 more words


Chicken Math

Want to experiment with adding chickens to your homestead without the startup costs? Chicken rental might be for you.

I’ve complained about the phenomenon of… 1,679 more words


Bill Maher is not an egg farmer.

It’s true.

I know this may be hard to fathom for some folks, but Bill Maher – the comedian – is really not even close to being an egg farmer. 844 more words