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Egg Cartons – What you can and cannot say

We’ve looked briefly at what all the terms mean, free-range, barn-laid, organic and so on. Now I want to take a closer look at the labelling practises of the egg cartons. 359 more words

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For Your Reading Pleasure

1. How to decipher egg carton labels: The truth behind what “cage-free,” “free-range” and other common terms mean (and don’t mean) for animal welfare. 80 more words

Cage-Free Is Far From Trouble-Free, Video Shows

Still from video released today by Direct Action Everywhere

As consumer pressure has caused an increasing number of food sellers to buy, or make long-term commitments to buy, eggs from chickens not raised in cages, egg-producing farmers have turned to a system known as aviary systems. 596 more words


US - How to decipher confusing and misleading voluntary claims - Infographic

Each label that you encounter in a grocery store can give you some insight into how the product is manufactured. It can also help you avoid products that are misleading in their claims. 174 more words


What can I do – Backyard Farming

One option that leaves the necessity of even making the choice of which eggs to buy at the supermarket behind is owning your own hens. Not only is it great fun but it also produces super healthy, great tasting eggs. 326 more words

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Something you didn’t know about chickens

Personalities and chickens are not words that are often used together. Some may think it ridiculous but these birds that we see as simple egg laying machines have much more to them. 293 more words

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What makes the consumer so important?

One of the biggest questions that pops up throughout looking at the issue of caged eggs or even the broader issue of factory farming in animal agriculture is why hasn’t anything already been done? 293 more words

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