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¿Que son alimentos Orgánicos, Naturales, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free y más?

 Las dietas a base de alimentos “verdes”, “orgánicos”, o “libres de gluten” se han vuelto muy populares en los últimos años. Sin embargo, las tiendas están llenas de productos con etiquetas que contienen todo tipo de términos confusos en el área de ingredientes. 1,121 more words


Different Types of Layer Hen Housing – Cage-free

Cage-free eggs have recently become more popular in the United States and may soon be the only option at your local grocery store. Many companies and restaurants, including McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, Taco Bell, General Mills, and Kellogg’s, have pledged to purchase and serve only cage-free eggs by the year 2025. 1,273 more words

All-Natural? Cage-Free? Free Range?: Deciphering Egg Labels

In March 2014, the American Egg Board reported that American egg producers sold over 550,000,000 dozen eggs in the past year. While the sale of other breakfast foods such as cereals and yogurt have fallen or slowed, eggs maintain continual and increasing popularity. 932 more words


Eggs, Eggs, Eggs... which ones to choose?

Throughout the years there have been so many different opinions on if we should eat eggs or not eat eggs. There is the question of cholesterol, protein, diseases and allergies just to name a few. 491 more words

Now Chew On This

Phở Gà Đi Bộ ("Walking Chicken" Pho)

My husband and I love eating out at different places. There seems to be a correlation with “hole in the wall” places and excellent food.  After all how does a run-down (dirty) place still in business if their food isn’t good, right? 310 more words

Instant Pot

Where you find Happy Hens you'll find tasty eggs

Bacon and eggs.

Mornings are always better with bacon and eggs. And sausages.

Well, mine at least. I make do with fruit and toast, but when I need a good morning then it’s got to be bacon and fried eggs. 818 more words


A new year a new transition

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site but I haven’t really had any issues. I’ve been following somewhat closely some peri menopause groups I am in and a lot of the women say that after peri menopause when the actual menopause hits is when all the big issues come such as arthritis. 175 more words