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3 Disgusting Reasons Why You Should Never Trust Food Labels

A word of warning, the video is very graphic, I had a very hard time watching it…absolutely sickening and the workers are true pieces of shit. 1,182 more words


It's getting hot!

Things are moving fast on the farm!

Already, most of our vegetables have made it into the ground, and are up and sprouted!  It sounds simple, but if you’re here in Southern Oregon, no doubt you have also experienced the back and forth spring weather.   1,150 more words

I Had No Idea What I Was Buying...

We’ve all heard the claims…farm fresh eggs taste the best!  They have higher protein, they’re better for you, and on and on and on!! I, myself happen to be a crazy chicken lady so, I know first hand that the title of “tasting better” is dead on!    1,002 more words


           Remote control, cruise control, video controllers, weight control… Most people enjoy being in control or “thinking” they are in control because things turn out the way they want when they’re in control–pain, displeasure & unhappiness can therefore be avoided—Well, we know that’s not always the case. 791 more words

Caged Bird Sings Out

Toronto dog daycare in the GTA and Scarborough area

Just wanted to let you all know that I have started my own dog daycare business located in Scarborough.

My goal is to provide the same kind of dog daycare I would expect for my dogs, in a safe and loving environment. 185 more words

The Lie being told (sold) to you at the store

The lie you buy every time you pick up a package of eggs at the store. Whether you buy just the plain white or go for a more farm style egg such as “Cage-free, Free-range or Organic”. 196 more words


Organic, Cage-Free time with the Lord!

I love spending time with the Lord. I love His presence so much. Every moment that I spend time with Him, I feel so alive, so heard, so embraced and held. 863 more words