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Understanding food labels. Free range and cage-free chicken. Part 2

In the Part 1 of Understanding food labels I have discussed a brief history of the free-range and cage-free chicken and the beginning of the transition to the cage-free chicken.   491 more words


Understanding food labels. Free range and cage-free chicken – part 1

These days everyone seems to be on a quest to buy healthy food so once they see a label stating “free range” or “cage-free” chicken, there goes.   365 more words

What is currently being done about the issue?

I have spoken on multiple occasions in my previous posts of how the key to solving the issue of caged eggs lies with the consumer. However, for a slight change of pace I would like to focus on what is currently being done by other organisations. 252 more words

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Going egg free

While this option may not appeal to everyone, it does provide an option that prevents you needing to buy eggs. Thus, any cruelty in the industry is avoided, whether it’s the cruelty of caged eggs, the debeaking of barn kept hens or even the relaxed use of the free-range label. 197 more words

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How can we inform ourselves?

Unfortunately making humane consumer choices is not always easy. To make these we must be informed and this takes research. However, there are a variety of ways that we can debunk the myths and find out what we are really buying. 374 more words

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Egg Cartons – What you can and cannot say

We’ve looked briefly at what all the terms mean, free-range, barn-laid, organic and so on. Now I want to take a closer look at the labelling practises of the egg cartons. 361 more words

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