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A new year a new transition

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site but I haven’t really had any issues. I’ve been following somewhat closely some peri menopause groups I am in and a lot of the women say that after peri menopause when the actual menopause hits is when all the big issues come such as arthritis. 175 more words

The Eagle

We start with cage free, free roaming, all natural chicken. It’s brined, dredged, then dropped into custom-built fryers. Its got a little kick and is served with our house made hot honey. 46 more words


Bulls%@t free eggs

Modern Farmer has an article in its most recent addition on the terminology used to sell us food; meaningless terms like: All Natural.  Included in the article is a video from   292 more words

Other Stuff

Where Can I Find Cage-Free Norwegian Hemp Milk?

This commercial bugs me.  (Maybe it’s the carmine food coloring in the yogurt?)

Really though, the #momON campaign message is sweet.  “Don’t judge other moms.  We’re all doing the best we can.  772 more words


Crunchy and freeze dried? Sign me up!

It is finally September! Cooler days are headed our way. It is about time. It has been a pretty good month. I got to go to the baseball game and coming up is my 13th 5k! 669 more words

Madison Elizabeth's Spreading Sustainability Blog Cashew Milk

Welp, I’ve set my quest for good rice milk on the back burner for a bit, and I’m now focusing on cashew milk… which seems to be less hassle and more awesome. 483 more words