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Depression Chicken ’n Dumplin’s

My mother raised chickens in our backyard. Not pets. Not rescued fowl. She had two purposes for tending her chickens with extreme care―eggs and meat. She chose laying hens with the best production record and brooding hens who mothered their chicks.  275 more words

Violet Carr Moore

Hipsters, Labels, and Being Weird

“The choice-obsessed modern West is probably more accommodating to individuals who choose to eat differently than any culture has ever been, but ironically, the utterly unselective omnivore–“I’m easy; I’ll eat anything”–can appear more socially sensitive than the individual who tries to eat in a way that is good for society” 875 more words

Dos and Don'ts of Reading Food Labels

Ah, credibility: the ability to inspire belief or trust. Or in other words, the exact opposite of every chain letter that your grandma has ever sent you. 1,590 more words

Scrambled Eggs with Leftover Couscous


  • 1 cup leftover couscous (we had some of last night’s Chicken Sausage Couscous leftover)
  • 4 large, cage free eggs
  • 1/4 cup shredded cheese
  • Splash of low sodium vegetable broth…
  • 70 more words

How the Humane Society convinced nearly 100 food companies to take their animals out of cages

When animal welfare activism comes up in conversation, it’s only natural to think of angry protesters waving gruesome photos on the street or a bucket of red paint splashed on someone’s brand new fur coat. 1,046 more words


Cage Free

Cage Free

(for James Street)

Journeys through Process

Deserts, Jungles, more

When a son of the King

Rises into his own

And begins to walk~ 49 more words


Dear Cat That Ate The Canary

Maybe that bird you jumped in front of me to snatch and run away with, a trail of feathers left behind while you laughed into the wind thinking of your success and what you perceived as my defeat, had a great big bowl of poison for breakfast.   309 more words

Holy Imagination