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"All Natural" Versus "Organic" & Everything In Between

Let’s face it, grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when trying to buy high quality, healthy foods. If health is on your radar chances are you buying products at the supermarket that read: “all-natural,”“organic,” “grass-fed,” and “cage-free.” However what do these terms really mean? 309 more words


No Need toBreak the Bank

**I’m going to make my next few blogs about keeping your own healthy living costs down.  I feel like Money should not hold you back from a healthier lifestyle.   1,036 more words

Is ‘Humane’ Meat Possible? Can it Ever Be Enough? | One Green Planet

In the last several years, multiple farmed animal welfare improvements have been announced and implemented through the enactment of new laws and company initiatives. These welfare improvements have included actual or planned bans on  871 more words

Factory Farm

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The article below, originally from One Green Planet, explains why I had no option but to go vegan. You can't have a society that consumes as many animals as we do in a capitalist economy and expect that there is some way we can do it without causing suffering and death. And 'humane' practices lead to greater environmental destruction. The only option I can see is to stop consuming animals altogether. We are destroying our planet's ecosystem - the one that makes it possible for US to live here. At some point, hopefully very soon, we have to wake up and realise, we can't continue with our heads in the sand, we do terrible, terrible things and we have to stop. The type of cage we confine animals to is irrelevant - they are still breed and held against their will, usually in horrible and abusive conditions and then they are slaughtered, and there is no 'humane' way to kill someone against their will. When I read about some of these campaigns with a vegan perspective I feel outraged. It is all marketing spin from the industry. Yet, for years I brought into it and ate 'free-range'. I am angry with myself for being so gullible. If I had spent even 20 minutes really thinking it through I would have realised what BS it was, but I DIDN"T WANT TO think about it because then I would have had to change my behaviour. I am confused about why vegans support these campaigns. We know they are wrong. We know people need to face it head on and change. I know people need time to change. But if we (vegans) don't show them where the goalposts are, who else will?

5 Reasons to Reach for Farm-Fresh (Pasture-Raised) Eggs Every Time

Consumer demand for farm-fresh, free-range eggs has sparked a conversation that’s finally made an impact on policy. According to a new law, all eggs sold in California must now come from chickens that live in enclosures twice as spacious. 672 more words


So far...

Hi everyone! I just wanted to pop in real quick halfway through my first gluten free day!

So far things are going well. I had organic scrambled eggs this morning. 304 more words

A Guide to What Kind of Eggs You Should Buy

Whether you like your eggs sunny side up or hard-boiled, deciphering the claims on the carton has never been such a scramble. You’ve already seen everything from “organic” to “Omega-3-enriched.” Now, there’s a new designation that debuted on January 1, when California began requiring all eggs sold there to come from hens with room to move around without bumping into each other. 696 more words

Loving my organic food delivery!!


Can I just tell you how much someone like me can appreciate a service that delivers organic food? For someone like me who is pretty picky about where I shop (the closest grocery store is about a 20 minute drive from me both directions) I don’t mind paying a little bit more to make my life a little bit more convenient. 168 more words