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Dear Cat That Ate The Canary

Maybe that bird you jumped in front of me to snatch and run away with, a trail of feathers left behind while you laughed into the wind thinking of your success and what you perceived as my defeat, had a great big bowl of poison for breakfast.   309 more words

Holy Imagination

If You Give a Cat a Cafe

Mimi looks tired. She sits on the seat of the cream-colored armchair that has been draped with a soft protective covering. As I walk towards her and sit on the hard table beside her, she glances up at me. 3,085 more words

Adam Myatt

Our Chubby Chickens


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Our five super sweet pet chickens:

Gossie, Gertie, Jessie, Sassy and Sairy

These lovely ladies arrived as tiny chickadees at the Kirkwood Post Office in a shredded-newspaper-stuffed cardboard box almost 3 years ago and have provided us with the most tasty, nutritious eggs EVAH. 650 more words

General Musings

The Chickens You Eat Are Probably Pretty Darn Dirty

You think you’re ahead of the curve when it comes to buying meat. You choose the organic, free-range, vegetarian-fed, gluten-free chicken breasts at the meat counter and bring them home for dinner. 209 more words


In Search of the Orange Egg

My husband and I love eggs, and we eat them daily. I wasn’t always a big egg eater, but two years ago, that changed. Making a hard-boiled egg was easy, quick, and fast for those mornings when I had to be in class. 361 more words

Picture Perfect

"All Natural" Versus "Organic" & Everything In Between

Let’s face it, grocery shopping can be expensive, especially when trying to buy high quality, healthy foods. If health is on your radar chances are you buying products at the supermarket that read: “all-natural,”“organic,” “grass-fed,” and “cage-free.” However what do these terms really mean? 309 more words


No Need To Break the Bank - On Every Fancy Food Label

**I’m going to make my next few blogs about keeping your own healthy living costs down.  I feel like Money should not hold you back from a healthier lifestyle.   1,036 more words

Save Money - Be Healthy