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Mayday! Mayday! Imminent Rats!

So Sunday is finally Rat Day! I can’t wait to have two little ratties in our lives. Every day when I come home from work I’ve been glancing at the corner where the rats’ cage sits waiting for them and grinning to myself. 622 more words


Lotus & Pan

Lotus especially has developed into such a wonderful mouse since we brought her home :)

Not only is she stunningly beautiful, but she is just so confident! 405 more words


Change Begins With Me not to 'cage' Nigerians



Our attention has been drawn to a story by The Economist, datelined Lagos and featured in the paper’s print edition of Sept. 24th 2016, entitled: ”Nigeria’s war against indiscipline, Behave or be whipped”. 812 more words


What fears the ocean’s top predator and who is the biggest carnivorous fish?

Great white shark was one of the main targets in our South Africa trip. I was lucky, as always – the orcas have arrived to False Bay a week before us, and all the Great whites and cowsharks were gone. 417 more words


I Never Knew Dreams Had Wings Until They No Longer Flew, And

they didn’t look

like a cage, those years,

until I was offered a key

and realized I knew not

how to use it

Age & Cage.

“Age & Cage”.
Age is a wiser growth passes every second by beat of time,

The cage is a mere of a cave which slights down in a glacier gimp into a frightened Grumpy. 219 more words