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Gold Cage

Proso had wings as yellow as grain
he used to push himself on his swing,
on his cream back he had a small stain… 80 more words



Part Two…

Cage, Skirt and Completion…

To create my tutu skirt I first needed a base, which I created in the form of a cage like structure with a similar principle to a Victorian Crinoline. 313 more words


People Watching

Who’s the wrinkly old twat?
Hair limp and flat, hanging lifeless like an old hat
I wonder what his story might be? Did he ever live? 120 more words

Love: A Mirage

Love is but a mirage,
A lifetime you wait for it,
Still remains it,
A distant dream.

Shining like a beacon,
Luring you in,
Unwary the traveller, 47 more words


Why it`s essential to raise voice against Instagram!!

26th March 2015, we wake up to the news of Rupi Kaur`s photo depicting her menstrual cycle being removed from Instagram. This was followed by an outrage of headlines ranging from, “Is menstruation offensive?” (YahooNews)  to “Rupi Kaur`s Period photo sparks a change.” (Huffington Post) 422 more words


When you think about a cage, how do you think about that? Can you imagine you trapped in a cage? Well, most of us are trapped in a way in a cage. 160 more words



I decided to strike up convo with Cage on Hinge for Friday afternoon shits and giggles just now. So I’m giving him dating advice like a good noona, when I accidentally call him “Innkeeper Cage” hahahaha.  28 more words