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Dog Owner Essentials

As you may know, I adopted a dog from Dogs Trust four months ago. We’d already had one dog in the past and so knew the basic things a dog needed, however I feel like dogs are much more popular now than when we got our first puppy fifteen years ago and now there are tonnes more accessories and items out on the market. 1,120 more words


A Dance in the Cage

A Dance in the Cage

You know the girls dancing in those cages at clubs? Sometimes on a pedestal, sometimes suspended over the raving crowd? Ever wondered how they ended up there and what makes them move all night? 4,053 more words


Nic Cage themed Kids Stories.

So after yesterdays story about masturbation through time I made a jokey remark about how I should write Kids Stories on Facebook. I think most people took this with a pinch of salt except my Mother who was absolutely horrified by the concept. 430 more words


Japan tries to fuck the 8th wonder of the world...Nicholas Cage.

Uhhhhhhhhh, step 1 of Branding: Get permission for someones likeness if you plan on using their face to sell (Give out) your product.

Especially when the person is OSCAR winner Nicholas Cage. 344 more words

Nicolas Cage, The Japanese Snack Food [Update]

(Source: kotaku.com)

If you were a Japanese snack food maker and could put anyone on your tasty treats, who would it be? Nicolas Cage, of course! 278 more words