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10:45pm. Sunday.

Suddenly I have the urge to do something in color.


Color is far, far out of my wheelhouse.

Black and white is safe, comfortable. 24 more words


New cages

I think I mentioned a few posts back I bought a new colony cage for the girls, because the Furet Plus I was hoping to use is too old and bars keep snapping – it can be used for Syrians or rats, but mice are too small to risk them escaping through damaged bars!! 182 more words


Reading Prison: Reflection

Oscar Wilde said “All the world is a stage but the play is badly cast”. We took this to mean that one’s lives are all playing a part in the story of the world, but that their role is already set out; their fates already scripted.¬† 438 more words

Reading Prison: Execution

The completion of our hanging piece took a few group meetings, (Me, Fiona Jones and Blaize Lynch). After each individual piece eventually arrived, we spray painted the hand and cage black, for mystery, harmony, and to distinguish the hand from being a puppet, as it was supposed to represent the puppet master. 136 more words

Luke Cage Review

By Trent Saunders

So I was excited to sit down and watch the new Netflix series Luke Cage because I have enjoyed the other marvel installments on Netflix. 157 more words


[3D, Ceramics] Breaking the Outer Shell, 10/16

A video piece to show one of my ceramics work and the story to why I created it. I destroyed the harsh outer shell to reveal the happier inner me which implies how I had to wreck my old self to uncover my happier self; the wire cage representing the past me and the yellow ceramics self-portrait representing the present me. 37 more words