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Desert Roadwork

My friend is handicapped and can no longer hike with her dogs. Fortunately, she’s chosen a place to live that is sparsely populated so she’ll run some of her dogs this way. 34 more words


My Dog: The Big Fat Faker

Since we moved to an apartment, I’ve tried to get Toto on a schedule. A pee schedule. He’s not cooperating. Too used to being let outside in our fenced in backyard whenever he had to go or, more often than not, when he was bored. 271 more words


The Shredder

During this past month, I have been forcing myself to tackle the dreaded file cabinet.  I cannot believe that I a) kept so many papers and b) could throw so many away and still have so many left! 68 more words


Doo, Doo Doo...

…lookin’ out my front door!

(Notice the “nose art” my boy left on the glass!)

Now that I have two pups, I will have to try to get a picture of them together.  69 more words


Who Would Have Thought...

…that I could be missing this?!?

It’s been close to 90 for two months now, and it promises to continue for the next week at least.  80 more words



How it seems:

What it is:

Seriously, how can kibble make that much noise?!?