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DARCIE - Cairn Terrier - 4/5 Years Old

DARCIE at a glance:

  • Sex: Gorgeous Little Girl (Bitch)
  • Age: 4/5 Years Old
  • Breed: Cairn Terrier
  • Loves People
  • Great with Children Aged 10+ (Has never been around young children)
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Shhh, I'm Sleeping

It was an exhausting but wonderful day!  Mom took me out on the 50′ leash, and I ran and swam and played like a puppy.  I dove and rolled and took snow baths. 158 more words


And Now The Opposite

From one extreme to the other!  You didn’t even need a coat to be comfortable outside.

Today made for a wonderful respite from the very cold and icy weather we have been having.  110 more words


The Snowby

This is The Usurper.  He has outgrown his green sweater, but he has a green flower attached to his collar so you can still recognize him.  127 more words


Toby's Christmas Card

OK, so maybe Santa could forgive him for the chewed tube of toothpaste incident….but this?  I have been sick all week, and today is the first time I have really been able to walk the pups in a while.   86 more words


Is There Any Hope For This Puppy?

Yup, he got another one. (The other tube made it into an Amazon review for Petrodex.)  Toby is so excited about Christmas and snow that he is going nuts. 122 more words


Bitey Is Alive and Well!

Bitey and the little usurper are both having a great time in the recent cold weather.  They are probably both ticked at me for not posting much for them this month.  195 more words