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Bitey Is Alive and Well!

Bitey and the little usurper are both having a great time in the recent cold weather.  They are probably both ticked at me for not posting much for them this month.  195 more words



This week my world shattered. The most amazing little dog in the world, the fur in wings and fur, my baby Gus, crossed the rainbow bridge. 357 more words

Sign of the Times

For some reason, this makes me laugh.

(This was the work of the little one.)


To read more of Bitey’s adventures before the sign-chewing Usurper came along, pick up a copy of… 74 more words


The dog is a gentleman

above: Woody taking a break 

Woody in church bathroom – 2009

Woody has been very patient with me over the years. He’s let me photograph him in innumerable odd situations throughout the 13 years that we’ve had him and because when we adopted him from… 134 more words


Gordee - Rest in Peace

1998 to September 23, 2016

This is a bereavement post about the passing of Gordee, who was Divinity’s foster-home brother. Gordee helped teach Divinity to learn about being a dog in freedom. 151 more words


Little Bird, Little Bird...

…fly through my window!

Note, little bird, that the song did not say “Poop on my lawn chair!”  or “Make my small dogs bark!”.  You really should reconsider your agenda for the day. 77 more words


The Usurper

Years ago I drew a sketch of Geordie when he was little.  I thought Toby also deserved a picture that actually kind of looked like him instead of the puppy in the green sweater as I often depict him.  14 more words