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Little Things: Our Weekend

Don’t be scared by the length of this post. It’s basically just a bunch of pictures.

Starting this post with snapchats is probably one of the best ideas I’ve had in a while… But really. 987 more words

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Not That Kind of Angel

No, that’s not overexposure…it’s Toby’s halo showing!

I wish.  While things are better than they were in the beginning, these two pups are still driving me nuts.  86 more words


The Situation Resolved Itself (Or, The Tooth Fairy is a Chocolate Lab)

It turned out that I didn’t need to make any decisions about Geordie’s loose snaggletooth.  Yesterday, while he and Toby were playing, it fell out.  I never found the tooth and wonder if one of the pups swallowed it.  92 more words


Has Your Dog Ever Lost a Tooth?

Yes, Geordie is losing a tooth!

To give some history, like a lot of terriers, he has an under bite.  Over time, one of his lower front teeth has been working its way out of the socket.  123 more words


Look How Much He's Grown

It’s hard to believe, but not long after this picture was taken, Toby gave Geordie a bloody lip with a head-butt.  Brothers!

(Both of Toby’s ears are standing up now.)


good boy

two random shots of our dog Woody

Woody’s a Cairn Terrier and like almost all terriers, he’s a big dog in a small dog’s body. 33 more words


Terrier Vs Puppy

My parents have recently become dog owners and have a new puppy called Molly. She is a labrador and even at 12 weeks old she was as big as Pepper. 117 more words

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