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Gordee - Rest in Peace

1998 to September 23, 2016

This is a bereavement post about the passing of Gordee, who was Divinity’s foster-home brother. Gordee helped teach Divinity to learn about being a dog in freedom. 151 more words


Little Bird, Little Bird...

…fly through my window!

Note, little bird, that the song did not say “Poop on my lawn chair!”  or “Make my small dogs bark!”.  You really should reconsider your agenda for the day. 77 more words


The Usurper

Years ago I drew a sketch of Geordie when he was little.  I thought Toby also deserved a picture that actually kind of looked like him instead of the puppy in the green sweater as I often depict him.  14 more words


So she shaved her dog

This isn’t a euphemism.

I have a dog, a Cairn Terrier to be precise, named Travis.  Generally speaking Travis doesn’t cost much to keep.. He eats everything (he’d revel in getting fat by foraging streets and bins if I let him) and destroys nothing. 514 more words

Saving Money

Friday With Finn

Happy Friday to everyone!  It’s beautiful here in the country today!  On my walk with my trusty companion, I happened upon a couple of plants with very similar leaves: Gooseberry and Viburnum.   142 more words

Country Mouse House

Willow in the Lakes

Well, strictly speaking she only went IN one lake – Derwent Water – for a little paddle, however I digress.

So somehow I have got to the ripe old age of *cough* without ever having been to the Lake District. 894 more words

A Tired Mommy Is a Good Mommy!

Well, here is it!  Available at Amazon, if you would like to check it out.

Putting this book together was a tremendous amount of fun, and I am greatly looking forward to doing another.   86 more words