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The Itchies Have Arrived!

Yes, that time of year has arrived…the time when puppies with late Summer allergies get the itchies!

Poor Geordie has a purple tummy and an insatiable need for scratches.  75 more words


Chilly Mat

Earlier in the summer, a friend told me about these chilling mats for pets.  They are supposed to keep your pet 10 to 15 degrees cooler as they lie on them.  79 more words


Dog Days of Summer - A Poem by Geordie the Dog

Be careful when you close that
big white fridge door.
I’m lying quite near
on the cool kitchen floor.
I don’t want you dropping
stuff on my poor head. 52 more words


Smile for the Camera!

I just like this picture of Bitey.  It’s nice to see him smile.

We had a good event last night.  Geordie was trying to make a point with me, and instead of biting me like he did last week, he just poked me hard in the leg.   38 more words


Watching The Meteor Shower

Wednesday night, Geordie and I went out to watch the meteor shower.  I heard that there was supposed to be an average of 60 meteors visible per hour that night.   44 more words


Monday's Vet Visit

Geordie had a visit with the vet on Monday.  Other than gaining a pound since his last visit, he is in good health.  The doctor checked Geordie’s hips and legs for arthrits and found that he doesn’t have any there, only a touch in one of the toes on his hind paw. 82 more words


Dottie's Dumpling...

Dottie believed she owned a Cairn terrier, but that terrier owned her. Dottie would do anything for her little pumpkin. She quickly learned race walking when Dumpling would take off still on his leash after everything that moved and some things that didn’t. 160 more words