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Puppy With a Death Wish: Part 3, Tobee Going Apiary

You may remember that back in March, little Toby had his first encounter with a honey bee and got stung on the nose.  (This is a picture of my little boy as he battles both bee venom and Benedryl side effects.) 36 more words


Another Friday with Finn

Yes, it’s been awhile.  I’ve moved twice in the last two years….just from one “Town Mouse House” to another.  We’ve spent a good deal of time fixing up the “Country Mouse House.”  This year, we concentrated on the gardens and planted a wee orchard.   387 more words

Country Mouse House

Which One Are You?

I draw Toby as being tiny and wearing a green sweater, but in real life he is looking more and more like his big brother Geordie.  15 more words


Musing on This and That

Maya Muses
The men are shooting outside the door, pretty close, but far enough to be legal. They should have stopped by now but they ignore the agreement and shoot on into the afternoon. 739 more words


Toothpaste - Then and Now

Knowing how excited Geordie gets about opening gifts, at Christmas I wrapped everything I could.  I wrapped toys and treats and one year, toothpaste.  Geordie enjoyed opening all of his packages until he came to the toothpaste.  109 more words


Desert Roadwork

My friend is handicapped and can no longer hike with her dogs. Fortunately, she’s chosen a place to live that is sparsely populated enabling her to run some of her dogs like this. 34 more words


My Dog: The Big Fat Faker

Since we moved to an apartment, I’ve tried to get Toto on a schedule. A pee schedule. He’s not cooperating. Too used to being let outside in our fenced in backyard whenever he had to go or, more often than not, when he was bored. 271 more words