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Cairo, Egito (Galeria)

Maio de 2014:  iPod 5S – Para saber mais sobre como foi esta viagem, confira o artigo Cairo Além das pirâmides – Egito 81 more words


Cairo além das Pirâmides- Egito

(English version)

Qual é a primeira coisa que você pensa quando ouve a palavra “Egito”? Não estou certa sobre o que vem à sua mente, mas se você digitar no Google, as primeiras 24 imagens são de pirâmides. 1,075 more words


Cairo Beyond the Pyramids – Egypt

(Versão em Português)

What is the first thing that you think of when the word “Egypt” is said? I do not want to say about what is in your mind, but at least, if you type it on Google, the first 24 images that pop-up are about the Pyramids. 993 more words


The orientalist stripped bare

My third novel Cairo Mon Amour (publication July 2016) is set in Egypt in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. I travelled to Egypt with my wife a few weeks before the  war started on October 6. 1,232 more words

Writing Fiction

Trinkets of Time

“‘Cause time is just a remedy

Covered in disguise.”

– Electric Indigo, The Paper Kites

Saturday morning, and I am currently still in bed buried underneath layers of duvets and fleece blankets and pillows, savoring the warmth as the wind outside blows at a staggering speed of 48 miles per hour.

860 more words

Khan el-Khalili - Cairo's Caravanserai

Lucie lived in Cairo for some time – she never managed to see the pyramids or the Sphinx due to her illness – but her recollection of visiting the Khan el-Khalili to set up her home, is delightful: 586 more words