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Stuck between the Checkpoints: (4) The Way to the Coffee

Stranded, Ahmed stood still in the  middle of the street for a long while. No cash, no phone, no car. There was nothing he could do but walk. 2,302 more words

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Two Sides of My Coin - Constant Traveler and Nervous Flyer

I blame Cairo. I was flying from Madrid to Cairo in February 2009 when we ran into a storm over the Mediterranean. The pilot made a quick announcement that it was going to be a bit bumpy and for people to take their seats. 659 more words


VIP Treatment at the Cairo Airport

Earlier this winter when we decided to go to Egypt for a long weekend, our buddy Adam (who traveled with us) was telling some friends of his that we were heading to Egypt.   1,211 more words

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Curator’s Diary 20/05/15: Discussing & Displaying Tutankhamun

Last week I attended a conference on the complexities of moving and displaying objects from the tomb of Tutankhamun. These world-renowned artefacts, from perhaps the greatest archaeological find in history, have already begun to be moved from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to a new home in the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) in Giza, which will display objects focusing on the themes of kingship and eternity – including the Tutankhamun tomb group. 608 more words

Curator's Diary

Stuck between the Checkpoints: (3) Robbed Blind

It was a tapping on the window that woke Ahmed up. A rap tap tapping on his car window door. Ahmed slowly woke up keeping his eyes closed, trying to block out the relentless Cairo sun from bombarding his brain with sound and light.  1,168 more words

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Anti-Brotherhood Judge Named Justice Minister in Egypt

Egyptian judge Ahmed el-Zend was sworn in as Egypt’s new justice minister in Cairo on Wednesday .

Zend, who heads an elite group of Egyptian judges, replaced Mahfouz Saber, who quit earlier this month after saying sons of garbage collectors could not become judges. 118 more words