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Egyptian Food

The Egyptian food is generally a heavy meal. They use a lot of meat, especially beef, sheep, chicken and seafood, but not pork because being an islamic country is not used. 428 more words


Q&A: Oday Aboushi, Palestinian-American NFL Player

Originally published on Scoop Empire March 9, 2016

Despite an abundance of ignorance and bigotry directed towards Arabs and Muslims in America, there’s still a massive amount of love, especially with Arabs and Muslims in America making efforts to build bridges between communities in any way they can. 303 more words


Reading Ibn Battutah 3

Ibn Battutah has taken me to Syria in ‘The Travels’ while I have not even pushed him past the Maghreb in my blog. Need to pick up speed. 405 more words


I Was in Prison, You Visited Me

Qanater is a town on the Nile, north of Cairo, at the point where the river starts to divide, forming the Delta.  A barrage was constructed there in the 1850s (later improved by a Scottish engineer in the 1880s!) to control the flow of the Nile and improve irrigation. 327 more words


Weather forecast: sand

My hotel in Cairo was not far away from the Semiramis Intercontinental and the Nile Ritz-Carlton, but despite this close proximity, it only cost 5 dollars a night. 1,245 more words


Time Travel. And Associated Musings.

Sometimes the travel bug bites me unexpectedly. My toes itch and I start looking for flights to some faraway locations. But then the reality hits, such as work and other commitments, and I go for a much quicker and cheaper alternative. 668 more words


A Trip to the Middle East Pt.1

I’ve been given the impression that when most people in America think of a vacation, they go to some tropical destination with sun and beaches like Hawaii or at most exotic like Mexico. 459 more words