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Restaurant Review: Maharaja Indian Restaurant

As I promise on my homepage, here comes the first restaurant review of mine.

I love eating out and being served real good food.. it is a very pleasing experience to me… 894 more words

Home: A place, a Person or an Illusion?

Defining ‘home’ is a much harder job than, say, changing a flat tire. For the flat tire, you know exactly what to do: loosen the jug nuts, lift the car off the ground, remove flat tire, and place the spare one. 764 more words


One Week in Cairo

Here’s a thing I didn’t know: Cairo is named after the planet Mars.

In Arabic, Mars is called al-Najm al-Qahir, “The Conquering Star.” Mars was rising when the Fatimid dynasty founded the city in 969 CE, so they named it Al-Qahirah (The Conqueror or The Victorious). 1,468 more words

Kenneth Cole Twitter Fail

Like a wise man once said…”With great power comes great responsibility.” I think this applies perfectly to social media. Information travels far and fast in the world of social media, something that wasn’t possible not too long ago. 443 more words

Wednesday Wanderings: Goddamn Working Dog, Pharaoh Statue Unearthed, Maps for Download, and Jumping Robot

Okay, if any of you know working breed dogs, like border collies and the like, you will appreciate this little song. If you don’t, trust me, it is 100% accurate! 325 more words

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A Day in Egypt

If you could spend just one day in any major city, where would you go?  A European classic like Rome or Paris? Or the Asian street food hot spots like Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, perhaps?   896 more words

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