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When my Egyptian dream ended... And new dreams of a new country arrived! 

Four years ago I moved to Egypt with high hopes that I was moving to the country of my dreams, to be with the love of my life… … 1,361 more words

Life In Cairo

I’ll be back soon though trust me….

Day 14:

4:30 a.m. (alarm goes off) It finally sinks in that I will be returning back to the U.S. (GRRRRRRRRR!!) Again I am still looking for that full time job that will pay me to see the world, take pictures, eat, drink local wine, dance to different types of music, indulge in culture, volunteer, make a difference and interact with others who may know nothing about African American women. 716 more words

Reader Mail: 5 questions from an Arabic student in Cairo - how to transition from Amiya to Fusha

Hi Nathan,

I have been studying Egyptian Ammeya for 6 months now, through 14 hours/week 1-1 classes. I’ve gotten to the level that I can have a conversation with a patient interlocutor about any subject. 1,239 more words


Travelling in Egypt

I was doing an internship in a marketing startup company in Cairo, Egypt this summer. During the internship, i made quite a lot local friends and others from mid-east, getting to know a little things about Islamic culture and their biggest festival… 20 more words


An Omnipresent Past: Reflections on Urban Encroachment and Egypt's Cultural Heritage

This was my first published piece in AUCTimes in October 2014. It was again published, in August 2015, in Egyptian Streets.

The interlacing, patterned motifs that adorn walls of smooth, dust ridden stone of a centuries-old structure –a mosque to be precise –stand adjacent to a small vintage shop as witnesses to the changes brought about by nothing but the progression of life itself.

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Sakkara Pyramids

In the first of what I hope will be many pyramid trips, I recently joined a trip to the Sakkara (Saqqara) Pyramid complex. Although it’s not the most well-known group of pyramids, like the Great Pyramids of Giza, it has very impressive hieroglyphics inside the tombs. 705 more words


Cairo: The Mother of the World

Come with me on a journey through the streets of Cairo. It is one of the oldest cities in the world, and one of the biggest, teeming with life, with history, with ideas, inspiration, kindness and suffering, wealth, poverty and greed. 1,345 more words