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Unpacking SB 350: CAISO Regional Expansion

The Governor signed SB 350 into law on October 7, 2015 (Chapter 547). SB 350, the Clean Energy and Pollution Reduction Act of 2015, makes changes to the state RPS, energy efficiency, and several other programs and statutes. 1,407 more words


Green Charge to Dispatch Customers' Unused Stored Energy to California Grid

At the leading, cutting edge of new energy technology, providers of intelligent distributed energy storage systems for the first time are aggregating stored energy from dispersed utility customer sites and dispatching electricity as needed on to the California grid. 614 more words

Green Economy

Tesla Powerblock and the Gigafactory

If Tesla BEVs and Powerwalls can’t use all the batteries being built in the gigafactory, can Tesla’s Powerblock save the day?

The factory was built to supply 500,000 Tesla vehicles yearly, but it’s very unlikely Tesla will reach sales of that magnitude in 2020. 901 more words


The Duck Speaks

The term that’s currently de rigueur, is “over-generation”.

It’s supposed to indicate that power generation, using fossil fuels, is being done in excess.

What over-generation really means is the “over-generation” of expensive and unreliable electricity by wind and solar. 918 more words


Questions yet to be answered from the CAISO Symposium

While attending the CAISO Stakeholder Symposium last week I had rush of questions, not all interconnected, about how we manage the transition to the new energy future. 777 more words

Energy Innovation

96 Editions – The Cut turns art gallery before Saturday Dragnet

For those well acquainted with Newcastle’s alternative clubbing scene, The Cut has more or less become the lightning rod for the city’s now thriving anti-Geordie Shore nightlife. 203 more words


JP Morgan's Blythe Masters: Orange is the New Black

Blythe Masters, who headed up JP Morgan Global Commodities Group, of which JP Morgan Ventures Energy Corp. (JPMVEC) was a major part, is reported to be under investigation by the feds: 334 more words