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Dealing in Disappointment

No doubt about it, disappointment is a bit**—and can really throw us off our game. Feelings of severe disappointment—either in a situation, in a person, or in ourselves—can, if not handled, drag us down and handicap our “go getter” attitudes. 480 more words

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Are you afraid of yourself? (6 Signs you might be)

Autophobia is a real phobia in which someone fears being alone, ignored, or unloved. Maybe you aren’t full on phobia status, but “These days, we’re probably all a little autophobic …” Do you display signs of fearing yourself and being alone, be it romantically or socially? 655 more words

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Being Labeled

What does it mean to be labeled? Why do we need labels?

I just read a study for class that discussed the subject of “whiteness” and the lack of a definite label for whites, considering it an “invisible class” due to the ambiguous state of being label-less. 308 more words

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"I'm Suffocating, Jane."

The emotion covered her like a blanket, and it was suffocating. She thought this was over, these attacks where she stopped functioning while the torrent welled up inside her and took control. 1,060 more words

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I am cheating. My first post to The Hidden Tree has been stolen from my other blog, The Bold Spirit. Why be CREATIVE was originally published January 12, 2012 at caitlindurkin.wordpress.com. 548 more words

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D.I.P. Die in Peace

I just watched the newest video post from Paulo Coelho, author of books such as “The Alchemist,” and was intriqued by the ominous title “You Are Going to Die in 30 Days.” In his video, Paulo Coelho discusses the impact of learning that he would die in thirty days and how and why he knew he could die in peace. 332 more words

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Your Achilles’ Heel(s)

The worst interview question I have had to date:

Interviewer—“Name three of your biggest weaknesses.”

ME (internal dialogue)—My weaknesses? But I’m supposed to sell myself in an interview, not shoot myself in the foot! 486 more words

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