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Atlantic Interview: Caitlin Flanagan talks to Jeffrey Goldberg


This interview is interesting especially for how Flanagan feels about some of the attitudes being struck by some feminists.

Take that, future!

The door to our future opens in many ways. For Caitlin Flanagan, it was through pulp fiction.

Modesty Blaise was merely a cartoon character turned into a bit of pulp fiction, but in the midst of my unhappy adolescence, she changed the way I thought about myself and my future.

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Women FAIL To Set Sexual Boundaries

The #MeToo movement has created an unprecedented confusion across America. On the one hand, those speaking up revealed systemic sexual predatorily behavior that none of us support. 1,163 more words


On Aziz Ansari [75m]

Wherein Oline and Johanna attempt to discuss what is up and enthusiastic consent. (This podcast contains explicit language.)


Follow-ups from this episode:

*Johanna’s episode on mental load… 48 more words


Another Year, Another Fraternity Hazing Death

When Tim Piazza fell down the stairs drunk during a fraternity hazing at Beta Theta Pi at Penn State, his frat brothers did nothing to help until it was far too late. 512 more words


Saturday, 14 October 2014 - The Atlantic takes on College Fraternities & Two Books Arrive by Mail

While we were over @ Bibi and Pop’s (my parents’) house, I read an article in their copy of The Atlantic. It was by Caitlin Flanagan and concerned the January death of Tim Piazza a fraternity pledge @ Penn State. 150 more words

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We Watch HGTV for the Destruction, Not the Makeovers

It’s fitting that my experience of HGTV programs like Fixer Upper is limited to visits to my dentist (I don’t own a TV). There, lying horizontally on the dental chair, I watch drywall being torn down and linoleum floors uprooted just as restorative violence is performed on my teeth. 361 more words