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"Pansexual" - ?!#@%*&

Learned a new term today: “Pansexual” – Miley Cyrus is supposedly “pansexual”, which is defined as: Pansexuality “generally means that somebody is open to either falling in love and or being sexually attracted to people of all genders,” sex researcher Debby Herbenick, PhD, associate director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University, tells Yahoo Health. 29 more words


Caitlyn Jenner Costume Outrage? Or Hype?

I am a gay married (to a) man (thank you Illinois!) and am so proud of the advancements in the LGBTQ arena in the past few months alone ( 831 more words

@TMZ Caught "Caitlyn Jenner" Golfing As "Bruce Jenner" Today- I'm Officially Trans-Overloaded and Transfused...

WTF? Seriously Bruce? I wish you would have just stayed a cross-dresser stealing clothes from Kris instead of confusing the rest of us with your “journey.” Do we call you Bruce at the Country Club so you and your former cronies can hang out? 157 more words

Reality Television

25th August

I’m preparing myself to go out to Katie’s house at 6 tonight for our famous, not-famous holiday meet-ups. If you’re a long-time follower of my now almost 5 year blog (go me!), you’ll be sick of hearing about them. 228 more words


Why Caitlin Jenner is Guilty of Manslaughter

by Brendan Beery

If I were the district attorney (prosecutor) assigned to review the Caitlin Jenner car accident from last February, I’d charge her with misdemeanor manslaughter (at least), and I think I’d win. 759 more words