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Is it Opposite Day and no one told me? 

I asked her to repeat this because I wasn’t sure I had heard her right but this was exactly what she said.


Tropical sounds good to me

A moment of sunny fun today in this freezing weather. Caitlin was talking about letters in the car and telling me what letters she knows, once of which is ‘a’. 16 more words



Oh to have the imagination of a three year old.


Let's hope she never mispronounces this one. 

Every evening I ask Caitlin how her day went and she usually gives me no details at all. Tonight, however, everytime she gave me a one word, no information answer I tickled her. 37 more words


Singing Is Good for My Soul

My mother told me once that she knows I am happy when she hears me hum or sing around the house. It is a tell for me, if I am singing that means I am happy. 234 more words


Small Children, Big Scars

The current refugee crisis provides staggering statistics. With such a complex issue unfolding, there are many angles from which to look. One area I find lacking in data, however, is the effects of this refugee crisis on children’s development, specifically those children in the first eight years of life. 532 more words