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Caitlin's May 2nd Blog

Today our group will plan on our flyers and pamphlets should look. We also need to gather info to put on the flyers and make sure they look as attractive as possible. 23 more words


Caitlin's April 25th Blog Post

Jordan and I will try to post on social media as possible to get the word around. We want to have attention and make sure there’ll be plenty of people attending our events. 25 more words


Photostyling - "Caitlin"

Photostyling project I completed while at RMIT with a group of classmates, we used my sister Caitlin as the model, and we sourced all the clothing and props ourselves. 27 more words

Book Review: Night Life by Caitlin Kittredge

Rating: 2/5

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Quote: My keys slid to the ground and I groped desperately, knowing that if I looked behind me I would see something that should never have eyes laid on it, something so terrible that it charred the very air, because I could smell it and it was coming– 877 more words


My Top Three Texts

As I am super busy with my final hand-ins and assessments for my degree, I thought I would do a round up of my top three favourite books. 614 more words


My First Blog Post...

Hi my name is Caitlin Weaver and it is April 12, 2016 and I decided to make a blog! I’ve always been really into blogs but never had actually made my own, but today my impulsive self did. 78 more words