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The sweet girl behind "The Polished Passport"

I’ve been following Caitlin from @thepolishedpassport  since last April, and I can totally say she is a big example for the ones who just started blogging. 1,516 more words


Blog Post #2

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there are many languages spoken. It is estimated to be around 242 different languages. French is the only official state language, but the indigenous people also speak Lingala, Kingwana, Kikongo, and Tshiluba (a form of Swahili). 732 more words

"Being a strong woman means having confidence in oneself, even if the future path isn’t certain."

Name: Caitlin

Age Group: 30’s

Race/Ethnic Group: White

Career/Profession: Emergency Medicine Physician

1.) Have you ever been told something you don’t think a man would ever be told? 1,079 more words

Awesome Women

Interview - "We Need A Reversal On The Way We Do Business"

Paul McParlane is the Engineering Manager for Pall Australia and has overseen projects for design and installation of water treatment systems for industrial use and drinking water in Asia, Europe and the United States. 781 more words


37. Camp on the Beach

Assateague Island was a blast.  Timmy and I went as a way to end the summer with a bang before school started.  On Assateague there are wild horses roaming about.   99 more words


Captured sunlight ripples through her hair,
adding hues of caramel, honey and gold.
Innocence, accented by dimples.
Twitching with barely contained enthusiasm,
liable to explode in a torrent of chatter. 9 more words

Sleep Tracking Technologies - Caitlin

Contemporary reviews in sleep medicine have revealed consumer driven sleep tracking technologies becoming increasingly popular. As the list of sleep tracking technologies continue to grow, especially in mobile applications, researchers are faced with new challenges and opportunities to incorporate these tools and technologies into current practice. 847 more words