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Meet the Writers: Caitlin

Caitlin Lane is a sophomore at the University of Maryland. She is a communications major on the public relations track and intends to work in the public relations field after graduation. 65 more words


Chapter 2.7- Midlife Crises

Being Adults, Beth and Leo are always worrying about their looks, Leo constantly looks for wrinkles and Beth loves to work out

Conner decided to do some painting… 198 more words

Sims 3

Bottle Match Fanfic Challenge: Caitlin

by Caitlin

With 8 hours before recording and 75% of my fic left to write, I was feeling pretty desperate. I had had a general idea (*salutes* General Idea!) for literally weeks and weeks, but the spark to write hadn’t been there. 1,677 more words



Hello again everyone! It is my pleasure to be delivering another devotion to you all this morning. This is another great song called Dance by the amazing Plateshakers! 774 more words

P2 - The Lecture Experience

by Caitlin, Guo Hong, Natalie & Soon Tiac


What pen is to paper, lectures are to tertiary education. We’re all too familiar with this scenario: huddled in a cold lecture theatre, students’ faces illuminated by the soft glow of their laptops. 2,860 more words

P2 - Research Writeup

Flashpoint - because a Hero is a Child too!!

Flash is a speedster. He can go back in time and change the timeline. Now, when he runs back in timeline 1 and alters it, from that moment onwards he creates another timeline say timeline 2. 512 more words


Chapter 2.5-Goodbyes

Beth tried out her dad’s old workout bar and after falling a few times soon got the hang of it.

Conner loves to play with the dolls house… 174 more words

Sims 3