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Ask the CakeLady: Can You Refrigerate Fondant?

Today’s question:  “I hear that you can’t refrigerate fondant. Is that true?”

Oh those urban caking legends! I wish this myth would deflate like a poorly made soufflé.  454 more words


CakeMade Asks: What's the Biggest Mistake Novice Cake Decorators Make?

No one becomes an award-winning cake artist overnight; it takes time, patience, and tons of practice. We asked several CakeMade instructors what’s a common rookie mistake newbies should avoid. 675 more words


Baltimore's Cake Boss Chick: One On One w/ Amy Eagan of Cakes2AT

Amy Eagan and her partner, Tavares Evans, decorated a cake for Alicia Keys and Robin Thicke when they came to Baltimore for a show. I was amazed at their work! 2,906 more words


Ask the Cake Lady: Dealing with Customer "Emergencies"

Today’s Question: People always seem to call me at the last minute, begging me to make them a cake. And then they make me feel sooooo guilty if I say no. 703 more words


Can We Talk About Cake Pops?

What is it about cake pops that leads to profanity, tears, and alcohol consumption?

For anyone who has been living on another planet, cake pops are little mashups of cake crumbs and frosting that are placed on sticks, dipped in chocolate or candy melts, and decorated. 366 more words


Ask the Cake Lady: Should I Watermark My Photos?

Today’s topic: Should I watermark my photos?

You certainly don’t have to. There are plenty of cake people who choose not to watermark their cake photos and it suits them fine. 481 more words


World’s 11 Most SHOCKING Cakes! Look If You Dare!

Some cakes are so beautiful they take your breath away. Some cakes are such colossal failures they make us laugh. And then there are these cakes…. 133 more words