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Stacked Fondant Birthday Cake - The battle continues

I realised today that  I’ve forgotten (so quickly as well) why I started this blog. Somewhere along the line I got caught up in the cycle of seeking likes and follows by misrepresenting myself as a perfect cake decorator (which I’m not) thus forgetting to enjoy the learning process. 388 more words


The Trappings of Facebook

I really never got the Twitter bug, did you?  I just don’t have that much to say about myself (or what I am having for breakfast, etc.) in short bursts of text.   396 more words

Fiber Arts

My Harry Potter Wedding Cake!

So, my lovely friend asked me to make her parents Wedding Cake and I was obviously astounded to have been asked to complete such a task, because in my eyes the cake is VERY important.. 325 more words


Sweet Sixteen birthday party - Stacked cakes, cupcakes, an edible rose and tinz ;)

First off can the record please show that I have amazing friends???? The above would not have been possible if my dear friend Miss Cane didn’t come to help me frost and box 50 cupcakes. 554 more words


Cakes in Paris!!!

I’ve had the most exciting weekend/start to my week!!! A friend ordered a birthday cake for her partner’s mum. Now any cake order is cause for excitement in my books but this one took things a step further. 213 more words


Orange Scented Sugar Cookies

This month I began taking cake decorating classes at my local Michael’s Store: http://www.michaels.com/.    Diving in I’ve been on a whirlwind taking three classes a week through the month of October.   375 more words


Easy Lion Cake with Buttercream in Six Steps

I absolutely love challenging bake projects which require a lot of creativity and ingenuity and was excited when a friend asked me to make a lion cake for her daughter’s birthday :) Now as much as I love challenging bakes I equally love (if not more) finding out easy ways to achieve stunning results.  654 more words