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Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake + Meeting Deb of Smitten Kitchen

This weekend, I got to meet Deb of Smitten Kitchen at her Houston book signing. We talked about marzipan.

I was so excited. Even though our interaction mainly consisted of the following: 1,706 more words

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Quadruple Banana Layer Cake with Marzipan and Chocolate Glaze

Oh hey guys.

You see that cake right there? That is a quadruple (the bottom layer is hiding) layer banana cake oozing almond milk chocolate ganache/glaze and also homemade marzipan. 186 more words

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Chocolate Chickpea Cake

So the other night, I sat my body down and was all, “Look, body. You’re okay, but I’m tired of the self-hatin’. It’s time we drop these last ten pounds once and for all and just be happy with our perfectly normal, healthy BMI, k?” 870 more words

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Funfetti Cupcakes

It’s been awhile since a birthday has come around (okay, 21 days), but it’s been a while since I’ve gotten to make cake.

Luckily, baking with a supercool teen named Lydia gave me a chance to try these cupcakes! 864 more words

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Healthier Cookie Dough Cheesecake

A whopping two days after my birthday came…my roommate’s birthday. My lovely lovely roommate who also likes to bake, eat, eat out and talk about food almost as much as I do. 1,126 more words

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Best Funfetti Birthday Cake

On Friday, one of my best friends–who also happens to have been the co-instructor of Baking 101 and one of my greatest partners in sugar crimes–made my weekend by driving in from Dallas. 2,196 more words

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Sprinkles Red Velvet Copycat Cupcakes

Copycat recipes: how do you feel about them?

Optimistic? Pessimistic? Do they work?

According to this picture, I would have to say no. At least for this… 1,075 more words

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