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Isn’t look awesome? 🌘 We had 98% eclipse today in Buffalo! It was great!

And there is how we looked watching this uncommon thing 😎👍 59 more words


Cakes and Blue Hair

No not together.. I promise.

I had mentioned I did some cakes for J’s wife and I thought I would share them here too.This was a dark chocolate espresso cake I made with a homemade chocolate buttercream filling and marshmallow fondant. 117 more words

Don't Say It Just Because They Say It

So many times I hear the phrase,“He/She wants his/her cake and eat it too”. I wish people would listen too themselves when they speak. 196 more words


A Cake From New York

Today marks 7 years of marriage for Sarah and I! Even though we have been together for over a decade, it still feels like yesterday that we fell in love. 370 more words


The Cherry on Top.

The last week has been quite a busy one and as much as busy periods instil a sense of dread of failing to perform, or in my case, get my cakes ready for customers at their specified time and day, they are also the most satisfying for me after each order is done and dusted. 741 more words



Made ganache frosting for the first time this weekend. Thanks go to My Cupcake Addiction for an easy microwave recipe and my husband for allowing me to use his birthday cake as an experiment.



I Love food. Cooking, restaurants, markets, you name it.

Cooking is one of my favourite hobbies. My family are quite foody people, and having gone to boarding school for years, it’s something that’s quite important to me. 120 more words