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A Piece of Cake

Do I want a piece of cake?

Hold on, let me think.

Is grass the colour green?

And is orange juice a drink?

Are houses made of bricks? 158 more words


Vegan Chocolate Cake

When you need a vegan dessert this one is easy, moist and delicious. Jitney’s associate director, Awoye Timpo, is vegan, so the Backstage Baker baked this for her birthday. 142 more words


Red Velvet Cake Truffles

It’s good to be busy, they said…it’s good to keep yourself on your toes, they said……What they didn’t say was that you’d catch the death of cold and get bamboozled for weeks after. 638 more words


Jn Lovely Lotus Cookies

Happy Wednesday! Here’s a fun and beautiful treat for you – lovely lotus cookies! There are many variations and names for these cookies. Different countries have different adaptions. 78 more words