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Birthday Boy's Spirited Boston Cream Pie

Happy heavenly birthday William


It’s Your Day

Your life was cut short too soon, but you lived fuller than most.  You cultivated a beautiful diverse garden filled with people far and wide who still love and remember you. 826 more words


Classic Sponge Cake

Here is a recipe for basic sponge cake but with an added ingredient called GMS or Glycerol monostearate which is an emulsifying and anti caking agent and helps giving a body to the cake and makes it more spongy. 281 more words


Northvale Diner

Recently I found myself in Northern NJ at the Northvale Diner.  By that, I mean the Northvale Diner is one of the most Northern diners I’ve been too.  433 more words


Cake Hole

Shut yer cake hole
where is the cake
I need to fill it’s hole

(c) Louise Morgan 2017


Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake

This is my favourite dessert to order at a restaurant so it was about time I learnt to make it myself. Best served warm from the oven with LOTS of sauce! 207 more words

Gluten-free Orange-Almond-Cake

As I told you already, I’m really busy at the moment: a lot of work and craftsmen in my apartment. So I don’t have much time for cooking and baking. 203 more words