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Boozy Rich Fruit Cake

I have already shared a simple recipe of Fruit-n-Nut Cake which I often bake to accompany with tea. This time I baked a Boozy Rich Fruit Cake loaded with nuts. 351 more words


Jammy Dodgers

A childhood favourite in playgrounds up and down the country…the humble jammy dodger. Oozy, sticky jam sandwiched between two crisp layers of biscuit they really are a delight. 325 more words

Vanilla and Raspberry Cheesecakes

Cheesecake. A winner at all dinner parties, social conventions or simply grabbing a fork and eating on the sofa on your own.

This one is an absolute classic, vanilla cheesecake with a layer of raspberry chia jam and crumbly biscuit base. 319 more words

Chocolate Puddle Muffins

Chocolate muffins with a gooey, oozy peanut butter puddle in the centre sound good to you? Yup me too…that’s why I created this recipe. Easy, simple and real ingredients results in the yummiest most delicious muffins that are perfect for school packed lunches or taking into work to avoid the 4pm sugar slump. 140 more words

Mad Cookies

Hello my fellow cake lovers..

Last night i saw my arch enemies with the person who betrayed me, the person with whom i wanted to fly to the moon. 51 more words


Cake-like Banana Bread

I love a good loaf of banana bread. I also, love taking a warm, moist loaf to a friend’s. Makes for an excellent, delicious present. I am always on at the lookout for a good recipe and my search has finally come to a halt! 325 more words

Cakes And Cookies