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Light Marble Cake (轻云石蛋糕)


I never like chiffon for 2 reasons:

  • It is very dry and airy and I tend to get choked when I am eating this.. It is too soft for my liking…

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Around the World #2: Mexican Wedding Cookies (Pecan cookies)

The name ‘Mexican Wedding cookies’ sounds quite romantic and alluring right? These cookies are actually indeed quite cute and seductive looking – small cookie balls rolled in powdered sugar. 494 more words


White Chocolate Cheesecake (白巧克力免烤芝士蛋糕)


I am rather busy and just felt tired these few days.. and I have not issued recipes last two days.. Don’t worry I am still on and I have many recipes that await for me to issue the post.. 647 more words

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Oatmeal and dark chocolate chip cookie bars

Chocolate is an instant mood uplifter for me. Everyone in my family knows about my obsession for dark chocolate! My kids are very fond of chocolate chip cookies and I try to come up with healthier options for these sweet treats. 218 more words

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Pina Colada Cakes

Love cocktails? Love cake? Why not make cocktail cakes? I created this recipe for Pina Colada cakes, and now that I’ve got the base idea I’m thinking of trying it out with other cocktails. 566 more words


Classic Marble Cake (古早味云石蛋糕)


When I was young, there are not many choices of cakes. “Butter” cake baked using margarine such as Planta was very common and another variation to the so called butter cake was marble cake with part of the batter being added cocoa powder. 781 more words


Special Compilation of Teochew Cuisines (潮州美食食谱汇编)


This is a special compilation for all the Teochew or Chaozhou (潮州)dialect cuisines that I have issued recipe in this blog. Hope this will facilitate Teochew who are looking for the recipes. 364 more words

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