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Maple Meringues

These little babies are delicious and not too hard to make. They are light on calories, can be made ahead of time and frozen if preferred. 225 more words


Banana Cake/Bread

During my trip to Australia, I noticed people over there ate Banana Bread quite often; especially for breakfast. I personally didn’t like the taste of it though. 228 more words


Sweet Potato & Coconut Brownie

The greatest recipes are almost always randomly invented. Like with this recipe for Sweet Potato & Coconut Brownies. With a fridge full of sweet potato and a huge craving for something chocolaty there was really only one way to go. 304 more words

Cakes And Desserts

Hot Cross Mini Loaves

These mini, lightly sweet yeast loaves are perfect for Easter. Instead of brushing with apricot jam, you dust with sifted icing sugar. I like to slice the loaf, toast it lightly and spread with cream cheese………just yum! 234 more words

Chef Devagi Sanmugam

Granola Bars

After sampling many delicious vegan snack bars, I thought my frivolous ways should stop! Although they are delicious, ‘healthy’ bars are generally over priced. And as a poor student, my addiction should cease. 236 more words


Indulgent Chocolate Cake

We love chocolate right? Yes. So I thought my first venture into the world of vegan baking should include it…because really, what’s not to like from this recipe? 489 more words