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Marble Tea Cake with Sticky Chocolate Topping.

It’s been a gloriously hot week here in France and the #booktubeathon2016 is in full swing. To be able to complete the reading challenges one needs sustenance and what better way to do this than to enjoy a spot of tea, Rebecca by Daphene Du Maurier and my favourite Chocolate Marble tea Cake. 272 more words


Food: Cake And More Cake

In light of my faithful or most loyal friend’s birthday today – he is 12 or 84 as in dog years :(.  I’ll take 12 since I can’t bear the thought of life without him aging, in my opinion too fast. 90 more words


Choco-almond coconut bites

Recipes for protein balls are all the rage these days…I kept looking at recipes but I couldn’t motivate myself to try making them for months – they generally don’t look that appetising, I couldn’t really see the point and they looked a bit of a faff to make (especially the ones that use dates). 216 more words


Easy Chocolate, Walnut and Date Meringue Cake

It’s in the news again. A new study has just revealed that substituting artificial sweetener for sugar and fruit leads to increased weight gain, cravings for carbohydrate and insomnia as well as a possible link to diabetes. 373 more words


Coconut French Toasts with Mango Salsa

These French toasts taste very different from the usual ones. The coconut cream makes the toast soft inside and crisp outside. Also, the use of baguettes makes the edges extra crispy. 163 more words

Cakes And Desserts

Lemon, Ricotta and Almond Cake

There are so many versions of Lemon and Ricotta cake out there that I was reticent about adding another. This one, I can assure you, will go straight into the hand written sepia toned exercise book that I reserve for very good cakes. 307 more words


Sticky Date Pudding with Coffee Sauce

Sticky date pudding is a rich and moist cake that can soak up any wonderful sauce you serve it with. I have paired it with a coffee sauce made with palm sugar and I am sure you have started drooling just imagining what it would taste like! 228 more words

Cakes And Desserts