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Pear Windfall and Italian Pear Cake

Most people these days would probably associate a ‘windfall’ with unexpected good fortune, a financial gain, perhaps a lottery win or an unforeseen inheritance. However, If you live with fruit trees in your back yard, a windfall is that day after a strong wind when fruit drops suddenly and the ground is strewn with ripe bounty.  512 more words


Tea Party With The Girls

I love a tea party – where a group of friends get together on a Saturday mid-afternoon for tea and goodies. You know, a collection of cakes and pastries everyone brings to the gathering. 135 more words


Butternut Squash and Orange Muffins

Continuing the butternut squash saga of last week, I still had one more package of thawed butternut squash that I needed to find use for. As I’m very fond of using vegetables in cakes (see below list), I’ve decided on making breakfast muffins with it. 516 more words


Muesli Bars

If you are looking for a quick snack to grab and munch on the way to work in the morning, or after the gym, then it is often tempting to buy a “not so healthy” energy bar. 415 more words


Chocolate Date Cake with Chocolate Sesame Halva Glaze

This tasty and easy to make chocolate cake has some interesting added flavors, other than the dominant chocolate. 511 more words


Individual Frangipane Pithivier Pastries

Pithivier is a classic French dish, made of two discs of puff pastry with a filling (traditionally Frangipane, a sweet almond paste) between them. 517 more words


Pistachio almond black sesame bread

I like pistachio.  After using ground pistachio in a rose cardamom cheesecake I put a handful into this whole wheat bread.  It is fragrant.  A loaf was eaten in a few hours.  181 more words