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Coconut chocolate chip cake

I love cakes, well slightly obsessed with cakes i must say. I decided to make a coconut chocolate chip cake. I do not enjoy icing on cakes, therefore most of my cakes will not be having any icing on it. 108 more words


Blueberry and Lemon Yoghurt Muffins

It’s very hard when you want to bake but you can’t because you know you’ll just eat it all. The other day I had the urge to bake some muffins. 244 more words

Cakes And Muffins

Vanilla Bean Funfetti Cupcakes for Easter

Arrange the treats, eggs and marshmallow bunnies on cupcakes

Spring is here and so is Easter Sunday. We are still waiting for the spring colors to show up here in Iowa. 1,061 more words


Milk Chocolate Ganache

Milk Chocolate Ganache is a mixture of Chocolate and table cream melted and mixed together and used as glaze, filling or for pipping cakes and cupcakes. 426 more words


Eggless Chocolate Truffle Cake

The best ever Egg-less/Egg free Chocolate Cake recipe…This is a keeper recipe if you are into egg-less baking. While making egg-less cakes that need frosting and some kind of icing decorations or are multi-tiered, should have a dense cake that holds the icing and structure. 750 more words


Thandai Flavoured Mini Bundts Mawa Cakes(Eggless)!!

A rich buttery, cardamom-infused Mawa/Khoya cakes are rich tea cakes that known to be the specialty of Mumbai’s Parsi Cafes.These cakes are extremely delicious, soft and buttery. 1,095 more words

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Whipped Cream(Process)

An easy step by step process for whipping the perfect cream for your desserts and cakes.

3 ingredients and just a few minutes, a bowl of creamy delight is ready to be used on cakes, desserts, pies or to be had just like that with fruits of your choice!! 580 more words