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Strawberry Cream Cake

Doesn’t this cake just scream summer?! Those fresh strawberries were so gorgeous and photogenic it was hard for me to stop taking pictures of it! 681 more words

Flamingo Fun

Last week, we celebrated a very special birthday. My awesome friend Karen turned 30, and we took it upon ourselves to surprise her with a “flamingle” get-together. 351 more words


Chocolate Cupcakes With Strawberry Frosting

Don’t bother me with a bouquet of flowers, or fancy jewellery. If you want to win my heart, do it with chocolate! ❤️❤️❤️ 661 more words

Vanilla Earl Grey Bundt Cake

We’ve got this big box of Earl Grey tea in our pantry. Nobody’s drinking it (Dave liked it for a while, but has moved on to green teas). 518 more words

Gingerbread Bundt Cake with Whiskey Glaze

Have I mentioned my love for gingerbread? For me, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without it. In fact, I have 2 gingerbread cookies that I bake every Christmas. 489 more words

Chocolate Mummy Cupcakes

Are you ready for the most frightful night of the year? Halloween’s almost here! If you’re still wondering what to serve your scary party guests might I suggest my Mummy Cupcakes? 570 more words