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What a Hoot! (Chocolate Owl Cake)


So I’m on my summer break now which means I have endless time to do lots of recreational things! All the things you wish you had time to do during the academic year and never get round to doing because there’s always something educational you could be doing. 770 more words


Coconut, Lime and Crabapple Cake {DF and GF}

Birthday season has begun my friends! Happy early or belated birthday (whichever is closer) to any of you wonderful people reading this. If you have some photos of your birthday cake, please comment :D… 283 more words


Nectarine & Salted Caramel Upside Down Cake

No two words quite strike the emotional food chord in me like “Salted Caramel”. Merely saying those two heavenly words, makes my head swirl with countless dessert possibilities and my mouth salivate at the though of putting a spoonful of that precious nectar in my mouth. 819 more words


Pearl and Lace Cake

Pearl and lace cakeThis cake has proven very popular since I made it for a christmas wedding at Cooling Castle Barn. It is not an original design at all, the bride and groom saw a similar cake on the internet and asked me to make it for them with a few subtle changes. 494 more words


Orange Drizzle Cake

When  I think of drizzle cakes, I tend to think of lemon drizzle cake, but this is a great alternative!

Orange Drizzle Cake.


Day 32: Red Velvet Cake

Red velvet is one of my favorite cakes. It’s moist and rich and just chocolatey enough to satisfy my love for all things cocoa. Thus, this became my project for the day. 381 more words


Chocolate Sunrise Cake

When I’m making a cake, I like to have about three components to it. Usually I start out with a base flavor, let’s say chocolate, and then I add in whatever I’m craving at the time. 188 more words

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