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Half and half blueberry muffins

Up until February of this year I had a ginger cat called Monty. He was a fairly weird cat and had many strange habits and traits; Monty was also very large as domestic cats go and a determined soul. 644 more words




Every now and again, through the masses of your friends baby photos, selfies, and #fitspo posts, Instagram prevails and you stumble across an account (or in this case, two accounts) that is so original and so cool that it deserves the attention of everyone. 886 more words


Flashback Friday: THOUMIEUX

The Thoumieux is a 15-room boutique hotel, owned by the BeauMarly group of Thierry Costes (son of one of those Costes brothers) and operators of over a dozen hip and happening restaurants and hotels in Paris.   598 more words


moccachino slices 摩卡契诺蛋糕

recipe adapted & modified from/食谱经调整取自于: aunty yochana

ingredients (7 inch square pan, greased & lined)

100g butter
72g coconut flower sugar (feel free to use light brown sugar) 232 more words


American's Test Kitchen

Today, Bridget Lancaster made Tres Leches Cake. And cook Julia Collin Davison shows Chris how to make Magic Chocolate Flan Cake. I’ll post the Tres Leches Cake’s recipe, Would you let me know how’s the result you made, I really want to make it one day but not today. 346 more words


Battenberg Cake

When we talk about patisserie you will probably first think of France. Enormous variety of desserts… And all so delicious. But… I love England, English tea and English patisserie. 380 more words


Taking The Biscuit (Because The Cake Is Terrible)

It was a glorious afternoon in early September. Buttermilk sunlight swathed the kitchen surfaces and illuminated the weighing-scales as if calling me to bake. I tried to fend off this foreign desire, and the afternoon of floury hell it surely promised, by picturing a valiant but one-sided battle with the baking parchment, a freak accident involving me, buttercream, and lino, and the necessary task of wiping all the tears and cake mixture off the worktops. 616 more words