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Creating Magic from Calabash

The calabash, also known as Crescentia cujete, huingo, krabasi and kalebas, is the fruit of the calabash tree, and is native to the Caribbean, South, Central and North America. 429 more words


Frenchie's and Russ D's new albums are not for the faint hearted

UK-based producer Frenchie of Maximum Sound has once again joined forces with renowned producer and mixing engineer Russ Disciples for another set of devastating slices of UK roots and dub. 169 more words


Medicine Calabash - Tanzania

Hush, hush… we’re gonna let you in on a little secret here!

In Kisukuma, a calabash is called itolo. However, a calabash used to carry water is called kisabo, which actually refers to the calabash being large in size. 119 more words


Installing Appium with Ruby bindings - moving from Calabash - Part 3

Building an IOS app for Appium

For those coming across from calabash, you will be used to having to create a duplicate -cal scheme to embed the calabash.framework into your app. 180 more words

Test Automation

Launching Selenium Webdriver from within a Calabash automation script

Many people ask if it’s possible to launch a browser from within a Calabash automation script. Well, since the selenium-webdriver is just another gem the answer is of course yes, it is entirely possible. 144 more words

Test Automation

Calabash run_loop fifo error - Swift app not launching in Simulator solution

For the past day or so I’ve been having a problem with calabash where I couldn’t get calabash to launch an ios app in the simulator without encountering a run_loop error saying : 159 more words

Test Automation

Sublime Text 2 with Cucumber and Gherkin formatting

I normally use RubyMine for my calabash automation code but it’s pretty memory intensive so I thought I’d try something a bit more lightweight (and free)..I choose Sublime Text 2 and installed the… 122 more words

Test Automation