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Bottle gourd

Spotted at LNNAIS Main Campus, Agricrops lab/garden, Lagenaria siceraria gave curiosity as well as smiles to students, and farmers in Bualan, Tubod, Lanao del Norte. Farm aides of the school called this calabash “Shaolin”

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சுரைக்காய் சாற்றுடன் எலுமிச்சை சாற்றையும் கலந்து குடித்து வந்தால்

சுரைக்காய் சாற்றுடன் எலுமிச்சை சாற்றையும் கலந்து குடித்து வந்தால்…

சுரைக்காய் (Calabash OR Bottle Gourd) உலகிலேயே முதன்முறையாக‌ மனிதர்களால் 25 more words

தெரிந்து கொள்ளுங்கள்

7 new morta pipes & Olive wood pipe

Special edition

Black morta

Copper morta

Olive wood pipe


Calabash - Waiting for the Shrimpers, 3 pics

My family loves to vacation in the southern beaches of North Carolina, usually Ocean Isle Beach.  Traditionally, we include a visit to the famous seafood restaurants of Calabash.   174 more words


The Queer Takeover at Fortune Of War

Djing beachside always does it for us. Something about the waves – sound and sea – that gets us right where we want it to, in the seat of our glittering pants. 190 more words


Day 7-10: Gang's all here

Day 7 (June 7): We spent the day at the beach since my mom was flying to the Myrtle Beach airport later that afternoon. She was flying in just for five days to spent time with us for my birthday. 646 more words


Music copy and content

I recently wrote a piece for a kora musician starting up his online teaching business. The kora is a stringed instrument sometimes called the West African harp. 431 more words

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