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Gourd Lamps Fully Handcrafted by Przemek Krawczyński

These lamps are made of gourd (calabash) by Polish artist Przemek Krawczyński.
Each lamp is fully handcrafted, beginning with initial sketches, outlining and charting the pattern, through the gourd processing, like cleaning, engraving, carving, perforating, painting and protecting, creating the base of the lamp and, at the end, montage of the whole lamp. 97 more words

Art And Artist

Rain rain go away pt2- Flooding in town

The local Dollar General Parking lot

Bonaparte’s Retreat

Hertiage Rd


The landing 2

some random flooding spots in my town

Calabash sees elements behind the keyboard but itsatrap

If you are filling in text fields the iOS soft keyboard will pop up, when you want to interact with the next element Appium will attempt to click into the field which may result in a keyboard key being pressed.   265 more words

2015-09-11 what I figured out this week

Sometimes a page does not load in the order that it is displayed or the content you think is on the screen is scrolled off the top.   117 more words

Calabash - Nigeria

So, you know how we often expect men to do the hard physical labour and women the more delicate stuff. Well, when it comes to this calabash, those roles are turned around. 145 more words


The Calabash Cat Swing

Stylish cat swing , for your spoiled feline
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Curious Cauliflory

A botanical adaptation that exists in temperate and arid woodlands, but is much more common in tropical forests, cauliflory literally means “stem flower”, or the curious phenomenon of flowers growing directly out of the bark of woody trunks and limbs. 789 more words