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Symptoms that your mobile automation is going to fail

Smartphone users are increasing every day and mobile world is growing so rapidly. People now share and access mobile apps more frequently than web apps. 933 more words


Calabash Hushpuppies

Over the past weekend Mr. D and I traveled to Little River, South Carolina for his annual deep-sea fishing adventure.  Little River is just several miles away from North Myrtle Beach.   369 more words

a prequel to Youssou

It’s a shame I couldn’t get around to writing about Youssou til more than a week later, but I was busy preparing for and then going on a second pick-up shoot in the Kaolack region over the weekend.  60 more words


Cannot see Android device via ADB

So, the plug came out of the back of the CI server…and at the same time 2 of the Samsung phones upgraded themselves and I had switched from one usb hub to another and replaced the usb cables….and suddenly I couldn’t see the Samsung S4 mini or the Samsung S5 via adb and all my calabash automation tests in jenkins were failing and the world was collapsing around my ears…for at least an hour! 197 more words

Test Automation

Dallas Black Dance Theatre

On Wednesday April 6th the Alonzo Webster Wright Lyceum Series & CALA- Bash presented “The Dallas Black Dance Theatre”. The event took place at 979 Middleton Street, Orangeburg, SC. 174 more words

Lets talk about development. TDD and BDD approaches.

As you start researching the web about how to test and which frameworks to use, there is two different approaches, to which you can assign each of the available solutions. 544 more words


Running the Same Android App and Calabash Script on 2 Devices Simultaneously

This post will explore a scenario where you have an app that communicates across two android devices that you want to test. I’ve seen a number of people asking how to do this and have found no good answers posted. 463 more words