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Celebrating calabrese

It seems appropriate to post about calabrese after collards yesterday. After all both plants are forms of the wild cabbage (Brassica oleracea) selected over millennia to produce widely different crops, but all with roughly similar health benefits to us. 259 more words

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I always think that my courgettes aren’t going to do anything and they always prove me wrong. This year is no different.

The only change is the varieties I grow – yellow as before but very pale green ones I haven’t tried. 119 more words


Designers Lauren True and Glenn Calabrese of Storetech

Going Kosher By Erinn Waldo With high-functioning, well-organized kitchens already the norm in today’s design world, designers Lauren True and Glenn Cal…


The temptation at this time of year, with the greenhouse stuffed full of plants, is to get everything out into their final positions.  A word of warning though, a late frost can strike, even down here in the balmy south it can come calling up to the end of May.   400 more words

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Calabrese Rice Croquettes

Calabria is the region of Italy, located  in the south west part of the country, at the very toe of the boot. You may have heard it said that each region has versions of the same dishes, with either slight or significant variations.  543 more words


Belated Easter update

We had some great weather during Easter week and I’ve been far to busy out in the garden to update the Two Chances blog so here’s a belated post and a quick catch up on how things are going. 478 more words

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El Horror-Punk ha sido una vertiente del rock que se ha nutrido de la oscuridad, de esas películas clásicas de horror que atormentaron a más de uno, de todos esos monstruos clásicos que nos mantuvieron despiertos por la noche y de esa manera tan única en la que The Misfits supo traducir todo lo anterior a música y actitud. 388 more words