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Plant buying trip to The Netherlands

Last week I went to The Netherlands. I went to see family and friends, but also wanted to buy plants which I could use in my tropical garden in Kent during the summer. 682 more words


Moisture Needs of Plants and Skin

I see so many similarities between skin care and plant water needs. Many of us know our plants vary in the amount of water they need/use. 1,143 more words


There's Always One

All the leaves facing me except one. One rouge leaf who has to be different and turn its back on me. I like it. It’s snobby, it’s maroon, it’s quite clearly the star of the show. 88 more words


So Pretty

A close up of the leaves standing upright. Tonight I watched as a slight breeze blew into my flat. Calathea’s leaves held strong, standing straight and dancing in the breeze. 36 more words


Daylight Savings

The first time I saw the leaves droop like this, I thought it was because I hadn’t watered it enough. That’s right, isn’t it? Leaves droop when they’re thirsty…right? 110 more words