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Add shadow to UIView on all sides in Swift 4

In this video, we are going to learn how to add shadow to UIView in swift. Shadow will be added to all sides of UIView. We will learn about shadowColor, shadowOffset, shadowOpacity, shadowRadius properties of UIView’s layer. 7 more words


How To Implement A Circular Image Loader Animation with CAShapeLayer

First download the starter project for this CAShapeLayer tutorial.

Take a minute and browse through the project once you’ve extracted it. There’s a ViewController that has a… 1,867 more words


CALayer Tutorial for iOS

As you probably know, everything you see in an iOS app is a view. There’s button views, table views, slider views, and even parent views that contain other views. 6,752 more words


Progress Indicator v1

Idea behind this post is described in UIBezierPath, CAAnimation and Swift article.


  1. Indicator should be a subclass of UIView
  2. Shapes in the indicator have to be like drops…
  3. 409 more words

UIBezierPath, CABasicAnimation and Swift


Target of this post is to create an easy-to-use progress indicator class written in Swift 4.0.


In this post we need to define a set of actors in order to make it clear how to write the best API. 127 more words


Core Animation Swift Tutorial – Animatable Properties

This tutorial series requires a basic understanding of UIView hierarchy.

When you first hear about Core Animation, you might think it is all about animation. However, animation is only a part of this framework. 1,010 more words


A Beginner’s Guide to Bezier Paths and Shape Layers

There are always times that you need to create custom shaped views programmatically, and if you don’t know how, then problems start to arise.

These problems can be avoided however, by using the  5,986 more words